Streetcar Stop for Portland

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Streetcar Stop for Portland
Streetcar Stop for Portland.jpg
The sculpture in August 2015
Streetcar Stop for Portland is located in Portland, Oregon
Streetcar Stop for Portland
Streetcar Stop for Portland
Location in Portland, Oregon
ArtistJorge Pardo
Year2013 (2013)
  • Fiberglass
  • steel
LocationPortland, Oregon, United States
Coordinates45°32′04″N 122°40′10″W / 45.53448°N 122.6694°W / 45.53448; -122.6694Coordinates: 45°32′04″N 122°40′10″W / 45.53448°N 122.6694°W / 45.53448; -122.6694

Streetcar Stop for Portland is an outdoor 2013 sculpture by Cuban American artist Jorge Pardo, located at the intersection of North Broadway and North Wiedler Street in Portland, Oregon's Lloyd District, in the United States. The fiberglass and steel structure measures 15' 9" x 33' 10" x 17' 3". According to the Regional Arts & Culture Council, which administers the work, Pardo intended it to be "best when it is dark and rainy and the interior lighting creates a warm glow that stands out like a beacon amongst its dark surroundings".[1]

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