Streeter Place

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Streeter Place (now Atwater)
Streeter Place, Chicago.jpg
General information
Coordinates 41°53′32″N 87°37′06″W / 41.89219°N 87.6184°W / 41.89219; -87.6184Coordinates: 41°53′32″N 87°37′06″W / 41.89219°N 87.6184°W / 41.89219; -87.6184
Completed 2009
Antenna spire 554 ft (169 m)

Streeter Place was the former name of a 55 story rental apartment skyscraper located in Chicago, Illinois. The building was completed in 2009 and stands 554 feet (169 meters) tall. The building is located a quarter of a mile from Lake Michigan and stands adjacent to the Streeterville neighborhood.[1] The building contains 480 units on the first 53 floors. It was rebranded and renovated in 2014, with the current name being "Atwater Apartments".[2]

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