Streetsville Secondary School

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Streetsville Secondary School
72 Joymar Drive
Mississauga, Ontario, L5M 1G3
School type Public High school
Motto Esse Quam Videri
(To Be Rather than to Seem)
Founded 1958
School board Peel District School Board
Superintendent Poleen Grewal
Area trustee Robert Crocker
Nokha Dakroub
School number 945978
Principal Tamer Kamel
Staff 98
Grades 9-12+
Enrollment 925 (September 2015)
Language English, French immersion
Colour(s) Orange and black
Mascot Tiger
Team name Streetsville Tigers

Streetsville Secondary School is a high school in the Peel District School Board located in the Streetsville Village community of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Streetsville Secondary School was opened in 1958. The school has 925 students, and of the 925, 309 are French Immersion. As of September 2015, twenty nine students are bused in.

The school features a main floor and a second floor on its north side. It has two gymnasiums, one large in size, and the second being half the size of the first. When the school first opened, the smaller gym was originally intended to be a swimming pool. The school has a library, which was recently renovated and expanded, and a cafeteria.

The school has several unusual classes including Grade 11 and 12 Photographic Arts, the unusual aspect being the darkroom available for student use, one of the last remaining in the Peel school system. Also available to students is Music Production, a course teaching the recording and mastering of music using computers.

In 2005, the French immersion programme for students was introduced at Streetsville Secondary School where students can learn bilingualism in Canada. The courses offered are: French Immersion (Grades 9-12), Science and Geography of Canada (Grade 9), Contemporary Canadian History, Career Studies, and Civics (Grade 10), World History to the 16th Century (Grade 11), and Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis (Grade 12).

Up until summer of 2005, the school had 13 portable buildings. However, in 2005, Mississauga Secondary School opened in the area and about half of the grade 9 and 10 students attending Streetsville had to switch schools due to boundary changes. This dropped the overall attendance by about 500, and all of the portables have been removed. The sole portable remaining was used as an extension of the school's drama room until it was removed in 2006 due to budget cuts. In 2015, the roof of the portapac collapsed due to flooding after a heavy rainstorm. Mold was discovered within the portapac and as such, it was boarded up. 3 portables have been added to the back of the school to replace the portapac, which was removed during the $7 million renovation/expansion that the school underwent during the summer of 2015 and the 2015-16 school year that included the removal of all materials containing asbestos from the building as well as installing new windows throughout the building. The portapac was replaced with a permanent extension to the school.

Notable students and alumni[edit]

Established in 1978 for the school's 20th anniversary, the Streetsville Alumni Association held a 40th anniversary celebration in 1998. A 50th anniversary celebration and reunion was held on June 6 and 7, 2008 at the school, along with the Streetsville Bread and Honey Festival.


Streetsville Secondary School offers many athletic opportunities, including: Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field, Hockey, Swimming, Badminton, Flag Football and 7's Rugby. Streetsville recently won Senior Boys ROPSSAA (Region of Peel Secondary Schools Athletic Association) Gold Medal in Rugby, as well as an OFSAA Gold Medal, finishing their 2012 season with 32 wins and 0 loses. The school also has an Archery team that does exceptionally well each year winning many Olympic class Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in ROPSSAA and OFSSAA.

Memorable Grad Pranks[edit]

In 2012 graduating students planted multiple crabs throughout the school which caused chaos and disrupted classes. A king crab and 4 blue crabs were planted in various spots around the school

In 2015, not technically a prank, but the graduating students planned a party/barbeque out in the parking lot during both lunch periods. Due to the cancellation of various school activities such as grad breakfast, gradapalooza and the athletic banquet, as a result of the 2015 Secondary School teacher's strike, this was a way to celebrate their final day of high school.

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