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Strela in a restaurant in the island of Boa Vista
Sociedade Caboverdiana de Cerveja e Refrigerantes (SCCR) in east Praia, where the beer Strela is manufactured

Strela is a Cape Verdean beer, produced by the Sociedade Cabo-verdiana de Cerveja e Refrigerantes (SCCR) based in the east of the Plateau in Praia northwest of the chief port. The name of the beer is Cape Verdean Creole (Badiu) for star (Portuguese: estrela)

It is sold in bottles of 25cl, 33cl, and 1 litre, also in kegs of 20 and 50 litres. Its production was begun in November 2006 which replaced the older beer Coral,[1] starting on the islands of Santiago, São Vicente and Sal. The beer started to be distributed in the other islands of the archipelago, as well as in other countries, in order to reach the Cape Verdean diaspora market.[2] It is already exported to Gambia, where a major Coca Cola plant is located (SCCR being a Coca Cola entity), in a market that demonstrates a demand for beer sales.[3] Later it started exporting to Portugal in May 2008,[4] it also started exporting to the Netherlands , outside the diaspora to Guinea-Bissau and since August 2011, it became available to the Cape Verdean diaspora in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island the United States.[5]

The label has a dark blue base with a gold border, and the word Strela written at the centre in white letters.

In 2006, the beer was recognized by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) in Brussels for production under "international quality"[6] and was awarded in 2010,[7] 2011[8] and 2012.[9]

Other beers including Super Bock, Sagres have been consumed in the archipelago but are exported from Portugal.[10] In 2009, Strela surpassed Sagres in its consumption with 35% over 10%[11] Super Bock beer was at 52% drinken in Cape Verde in 2009.


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