Strengthen the Arm of Liberty

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Strengthen the Arm of Liberty
Photo of a Statue of Liberty scale model replica, about 20 feet tall. It is situated on its pedestal which stands within a star-shaped basin made of limestone pavers, which in turn acts as a planter full of a lush arrangement of multicolored flowers and foliage. The sunlight dawns upon the statue's face, with a background of a treeline, and a cloudy blue sky.
This Statue of Liberty replica, donated by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), is located at Oakdale Park in Salina, Kansas.
VenueStatue of Liberty
LocationLiberty Island
ThemeStrengthen the Arm of Liberty
Cause40th anniversary of Boy Scouts of America
Organized byBoy Scouts of America

Strengthen the Arm of Liberty is the theme of the Boy Scouts of America's fortieth anniversary celebration in 1950.[1] The campaign was inaugurated in February with a dramatic ceremony held at the base of the Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World). Approximately 200 BSA Statue of Liberty replicas were installed across the United States.


Neckerchief slide

As part of the Strengthening the Arm of Liberty campaign to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), hundreds of scale replicas of the Statue of Liberty have been created nationwide. The Statue of Liberty, by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, bears the classical appearance of the Roman stola, sandals, and facial expression which are derived from Libertas, ancient Rome's goddess of freedom from slavery, oppression, and tyranny. Her raised right foot is on the move. This symbol of Liberty and Freedom is not standing still or at attention in the harbor, but moving forward, as her left foot tramples broken shackles at her feet, in symbolism of the United States's wish to be free from oppression and tyranny.[2]


Between 1949 and 1952, approximately two hundred 100-inch (2.5 m) replicas of the statue, made of stamped copper, were purchased by Boy Scout troops and donated in 39 states in the U.S. and several of its possessions and territories. The project was the brainchild of Kansas City businessman, J.P. Whitaker,[3] who was then Scout Commissioner of the Kansas City Area Council.

The copper statues were manufactured by Friedley-Voshardt Co. (Chicago, Illinois) and purchased through the Kansas City Boy Scout office. The statues are approximately 8+12 feet (2.6 m) tall without the base, constructed of sheet copper, weigh 290 pounds (130 kg), and originally cost US$350 (equivalent to about $4,300 in 2022) plus freight. The mass-produced statues are not meticulously accurate and a conservator noted that "her face isn't as mature as the real Liberty. It's rounder and more like a little girl's."[4]


Many of these statues have been lost or destroyed, but preservationists have been able to account for about 100 of them, and BSA Troop 101 of Cheyenne, Wyoming has collected photographs of more than 100 of them.[4][5]

Statues include Birmingham, Alabama, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Greeley, Colorado, at the Mississippi riverfront in Burlington, Iowa, at Overland Park, Kansas, and at Chimborazo Park in Richmond, Virginia.

The copper skins can oxidize, resembling the original, and some have been renovated. The statue in Burlington had been taken from its original position in Dankwardt Park, completely renovated, repaired, and polished, and then placed on a pedestal at the riverfront, where it sits today.

List of BSA Statue of Liberty replicas[edit]

The following is a list of locations of the replica statues as of 2016.[6]


  • Birmingham - Linn Park, located on the west side of the Jefferson County Courthouse building facing Linn Park; the replica at Liberty Park is not a BSA piece[b]


Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Fayetteville, Washington Regional Medical Center, North Hills Blvd[b]
  • Pine Bluff, 10th Avenue between Georgia & State Streets on Esplanade opposite South Side Civic Center[b]
  • Sherwood, Amy Sanders Branch Library, 31 Shelby Road



  • Colorado Springs, Old City Hall, 107 North Nevada Avenue[b]
  • Denver, Missing[3]
  • Estes Park, Park Elementary School, Community Dr. and Graves Avenue[b]
  • Fort Collins, Ben Delatour Ranch for Boy Scouts[b]
  • Greeley, Corner of 9th Street and 9th Avenue[b]
  • Gunnison, Leslie J. Savage Library at Western State College of Colorado, 600 N. Adams, north wall of the main floor. Originally in Crawford[b]
  • Johnstown, Letford Elementary School, Charlotte and Jay Avenues[b]
  • Kremmling, South side of Town Square
  • La Junta, City Park, 10th St. and Colorado Avenue[b]
  • Longmont, Roosevelt Park, Coffman Street and Longs Peak Avenue[b]
  • Loveland, Lakeside Park, Colorado Route 34, Eisenhower Street[b]
  • Pueblo, Pueblo County Courthouse, Court Street and 10th Street[b]
  • Sterling, Logan County Courthouse[b]
  • Trinidad, County Courthouse, First Street and Maple Street[b]
  • Walsh, Santa Fe, Nevada St[b]
  • Ward, Camp Tahosa[b]


  • Orlando, Magnolia and Orange Avenue[a]
  • Quincy, Wallwood Scout Reservation, 23 Wallwood BSA Drive[b]


Atlanta, Georgia


  • Hagatna Harbor, Guam[a]




  • Dupont, Camp Louis Ernst, BSA, 75 feet west of Indiana SR 7[b]
  • Gary, 401 Broadway, City Hall[a]
  • Madison, Jefferson County Courthouse, Northwest corner[b]
  • Peru, Miami County Courthouse, Courthouse square, south side[b]
  • Plymouth, Marshall County Commissioners, Marshall County Courthouse[b]
  • South Bend, Old Courthouse, 101 South Main Street[b]






This Statue of Liberty replica, donated by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), is located at Haldimand Bay, Mackinac Island, Michigan.




  • Boonville, Cooper County Courthouse, Main Street, In front of Courthouse[a]
  • Butler, Butler Grade School[b]
  • Cape Girardeau, Intersection of Broadway and West End Boulevard[b]
  • Columbia, Formerly located Municipal Building, 505 West Broadway (1950–73)[b]
  • Concordia, Central Park, Seventh Street at Gordon Street[a]
  • Jefferson City, Missouri State Capitol, Capitol and Jefferson Streets, west of Department of Highway and Transportation building[b]
  • Kansas City, Meyer Boulevard and Prospect Avenue[a]
  • Kansas City, North Kansas City High School, Circular promenade near Iron, Howell, and East 23rd Streets[b]
  • Lamar, SE corner of Courthouse lawn[b]
  • Lexington, County Court House, 1001 Main Street[b]
  • Liberty, Franklin Elementary School, 201 West Mill Street[b]
  • Malden, Intersection of Business Highway 25 and Downing Street[b]
  • Marshall, Indian Foothills Park, North entrance[b]
  • Memphis, County Courthouse, Corner of Monroe and Market Streets[b]
  • Mexico, Audrain County Courthouse[b]
  • North Kansas City, North Kansas City High School, Circular promenade near Iron, Howell, and East 23rd Streets[b]
  • Memphis, Scotland County Courthouse, Corner of Monroe and Market Streets[b]
  • Osceola, H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation[b]
  • St. Joseph, Smith Park, Francis between 11th and 12th[b]
  • Salisbury, City Park[b]
  • Sedalia, Pettis County Courthouse[b]
  • Silva, Lewallen Scout Camp[b]
  • Slater, SE corner of Elm St.[b]
  • Springfield, in front of County Courthouse[b]




New York[edit]

North Carolina[edit]

North Dakota[edit]


Camp Miakonda, Sylvania(Toledo)


Lady Liberty of Tahlequah, one of the Strengthen the Arm of Liberty statues still extant
  • Blackwell, Memorial Swimming Pool, 1400 South Main Street[9]
  • Chickasha, Shannon Springs Park, part the Grady County Veterans Memorial, southeast of W Montana Ave and S 12th Street
  • Cushing, City Park, 900 block of South Little Street
  • Edmond, Edmond Historical Society and Museum, 431 South Boulevard[9]
  • Enid, Garfield County Courthouse, Grand and Broadway Streets[9]
  • Lindsay, north Main St.
  • Miami, Ottawa County Courthouse, corner of A Street and Central S.E.
  • Muskogee, Spaulding Park, Spaulding Park Lake
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County Courthouse, near corner of Park and Hudson (Statue of Liberty)
  • Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation Capitol, corner of Keetoowah and Muskogee
  • Tulsa, Northwest corner of the Sidney Lanier grade school property, located on Harvard Avenue between 17th and 19th streets
  • Wewoka, Seminole County Courthouse, 100 block of Wewoka Avenue


  • Medford, corner of South Oakdale Avenue and West 8th Street[b]


  • Berwick, Borough Hall, Market Street[a]
  • Bloomsburg, Bloomsburg Memorial Elementary School, West 5th and South Market Streets[b]
  • Ellwood City, Lincoln High School, 5th and Crescent Avenue[b]
  • New Castle, Owen Penfield Fox Park, Mill and Grove Streets[a]
  • York, Kiwanis Park, North Newberry Street and Parkway Boulevard, on island in lake[b]

South Carolina[edit]

  • Columbia, Realtors Park, Intersection of Barnwell, Blossom and Devine Streets[b]





West Virginia[edit]


  • Kenosha, inside Kenosha History museum on Simmon's Island[a]
  • Madison, Warner Park, Corner of Northport and Sherman Avenue[b]



A Strengthen the Arm of Liberty brass pin was produced for uniform and civilian wear. The pin is in the shape of the Statue of Liberty superimposed on a fleur de lis. The Robbins Company, which made BSA's Eagle medals for many years, made these pins and the winged "R" hallmark is prominently displayed on the reverse. A commemorative neckerchief slide was made for Boy Scouts and for the Cub Scouts.

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