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Strictly Breaks is the name of a series of compilation records of songs that are widely admired as break beats. Some of the songs featured contain "open breaks" which are solo drum passages which enable djs to easily transition into them, as well as attractive to producers who loop or rearrange them to create new compositions. Following in the tradition of the Ultimate Breaks and Beats series, the Strictly Breaks records contain an eclectic range of musical styles: mainly funk and jazz, but also including soul, rock, disco and pop. Some of the offerings are well-known (the Psycho theme by Bernard Hermann) but most are relatively obscure tracks treasured by music conoisseurs and DJs. The common, but hard to define thread in all of these songs is that they are "funky". Many of the songs in the Strictly Breaks series have been sampled into new musical compositions, mainly by hip hop producers.

Complete track listings[edit]