Strictly Dr. Drew

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Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew
Starring Dr. Drew Pinsky
Country of origin USA
No. of episodes ?
Running time approx. 0:46
(per episode)
Original network Discovery Health Channel
Original release July 25, 2006 – present

Strictly Dr. Drew is a television show hosted by Loveline host Dr. Drew Pinsky. The format is very similar to Dr. Drew's previous show, "Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew," but deals with more general health issues rather than sexual ones. Because the subject matter is less objectionable, the show is featured at an earlier airtime (10:00 PM ET) than "Strictly Sex" (Midnight ET), and features fewer "Viewer Discretion" warnings. It commonly features regular people (and sometimes celebrities) who have experienced whatever the topic may be, alongside experts on the subject, who give their professional opinion.


Episode Release Date Ep # Additional Information
The Truth About Germs July 25, 2006 01 In this episode, Dr. Drew explores the myths and truths about germs with regular people and experts alike.
Addictions A-Z August 1, 2006 02 Addictions, addictions, addictions.
Preventing The Biggest Killers August 8, 2006 03 What are the most common lethal health problems, and how do we prevent them?
Conception To Birth August 15, 2006 04 This episode is about pregnancy, from conception to birth. Jenny McCarthy tells of her personal experience.
Behavioral Addictions August 22, 2006 05 Investigating the infestation of behavioral addictions in our society.
What Kids Are Really Up To August 29, 2006 06 Drew takes a look at the things kids are doing these days, online and off. He admits to "snooping" in his own kids room and sits together with his daughter as she visits her MySpace page.
Men vs. Women's Health October 12, 2006 07 How do men and women differ when it comes to heart disease, depression and other health issues?
Weighty Issues October 19, 2006 08 Obesity, sweets and fastfood.
What A Pain November 9, 2006 09 Intense pain: what causes it and what can we do about it?
Personal Matters November 23, 2006 10 Embarrassing personal matters. Sweating, gas, snoring and more is looked at closely. Adam Carolla joins the program to talk about his "personal matters".