Strike the Blood

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Strike the Blood
Cover of the first volume of the light novel volume featuring Yukina Himeragi.
(Sutoraiku za Buraddo)
GenreAction, harem
Light novel
Written byGakuto Mikumo
Illustrated byManyako
Published byASCII Media Works
English publisher
ImprintDengeki Bunko
Original runMay 10, 2011 – present
Volumes19 (List of volumes)
Written byGakuto Mikumo
Illustrated byTate
Published byASCII Media Works
English publisher
MagazineDengeki Daioh
Original runJune 27, 2012December 26, 2016
Volumes10 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byTakao Sano
Hideyo Yamamoto
Written byHiroyuki Yoshino
Music byAssumed Sounds
StudioSilver Link
Licensed by
Original networkAT-X, Tokyo MX, MBS, CBC, BS11
English network
Original run October 4, 2013 March 28, 2014
Episodes24 (List of episodes)
Original video animation
Strike the Blood: Valkyria no Ōkoku-hen
Directed byHideyo Yamamoto
Written byHiroyuki Yoshino
Music byAssumed Sounds
StudioSilver Link
Released November 25, 2015 December 23, 2015
Runtime23 minutes
Episodes2 (List of episodes)
Original video animation
Strike the Blood II
Directed byHideyo Yamamoto
Written byHiroyuki Yoshino
Music byAssumed Sounds
StudioSilver Link
Released November 23, 2016 May 24, 2017
Runtime30 minutes
Episodes8 (List of episodes)
Original video animation
Strike the Blood III
Directed byHideyo Yamamoto
Written byHiroyuki Yoshino
Music byAssumed Sounds
Released December 19, 2018 September 25, 2019
Episodes10 (List of episodes)
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Strike the Blood (ストライク・ザ・ブラッド, Sutoraiku za Buraddo), also known in short form as SutoBura (ストブラ), is a Japanese light novel series by Gakuto Mikumo with illustrations by Manyako. A manga adaptation began serialization in June 2012 in ASCII Media Works's Dengeki Daioh. A 24-episode anime television adaptation by Silver Link and Connect aired between 4 October 2013 and 28 March 2014 in Japan. An original video animation series titled Strike the Blood II was released in four volumes between November 2016 and May 2017. A third series titled Strike the Blood III began release in December 2018, and will end in September 2019.


On Itogami Island, a man-made island south of Japan which has developed into a monster and demon sanctuary (魔族特区), Kojou Akatsuki is suspected of being the Fourth Progenitor, a powerful vampire that could potentially disrupt the balance of power among the world's three ruling progenitors.

Kojou was an ordinary high schooler before becoming a vampire and is reluctant to use the powers which he barely controls. Yukina Himeragi is a neophyte Sword Shaman whose first mission is to 'observe' him.

Before long, Kojou is the centre of attention of many who are concerned about the risks he represents. Kojou and Yukina befriend various students and others, some of whom are attracted to Kojou, and whose situations drive his libido which provides the source of much of his power.


Main characters[edit]

Kojou Akatsuki (暁 古城, Akatsuki Kojō)
Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya, Mutsumi Tamura (child)
Three months prior to the beginning of the story, typical Saikai Private Academy' (私立彩海学園) high school student Kojou Akatsuki became the Fourth Progenitor (第四真祖, dai yon shinso)) vampire, made so by his predecessor, Avrora Florestina who also blocked his memories of the event.
When sexually aroused, he suffers nosebleeds and succumbs to a bloodlust eased only by drinking blood — early on, his own.
Kojou possesses common vampire traits, such as superhuman strength, speed, reflexes and regeneration, but as a progenitor, he also possesses greater powers, especially the capacity to control familiars (眷獣, kenjuu) of which he inherited twelve from his predecessor. Each time he preys upon another human, he gains control over a familiar, which do not acknowledge him beforehand.
Yukina Himeragi (姫柊 雪菜, Himeragi Yukina)
Voiced by: Risa Taneda
A middle-school sword shaman (剣巫, Ken'nagi) from the ancient Lion King Agency (獅子王機関, Shishiou Kikan), Yukina was sent to 'observe' the Fourth Progenitor with special instructions to eliminate him should she deem him dangerous. To aid her in her duties, she is equipped with a magic halberd or lance named Sekkarou (雪霞狼).
Taking her role as observer (監視者, kanshisha) overly seriously, she moves into the adjacent apartment and follows Kojou everywhere. Unbeknownst to her or anyone outside the Lion Kings' directors, her actual purpose is apparently to become the Fourth Progenitor's first blood partner and mate. Like many of its members, she was sold to the Lion Kings by her parents. While initially positioning herself exclusively as the observer of a dangerous threat to humanity, she soon begins exhibiting trust and romantic feelings towards Kojou and jealousy towards other women.
During their battle against the Lotharingian exorcist Rudolf Eustach, she gives herself to Kojou, enabling him to first gain control of a familiar. In a glimpse into the future, she is presumed married to Kojou and has a daughter from him named Reina.
Asagi Aiba (藍羽 浅葱, Aiba Asagi)
Voiced by: Asami Seto
Asagi is Kojou's friend and classmate. She is an impossibly expert programmer and hacker who works part-time for the Itogami Island Management Corporation (絃神島管理公社) which administers the city and island; this provides her with access to powerful, hidden systems and information. She has a crush on Kojou but does not act upon it until feelings of jealousy are provoked by Yukina's arrival. Despite knowing that the island is deeply connected to supernatural persons and creatures, she is unaware that her friends are among them until Kojou and Yukina finally reveal the truth to her. Her own hidden identity is that of the Priestess of Cain (カインの巫女, Kain no miko).
Sayaka Kirasaka (煌坂 紗矢華, Kirasaka Sayaka)
Voiced by: Ikumi Hayama
A war dancer (舞威媛, mai-hime), which specialize in hexes and assassination, in the Lion King Agency, she is Yukina's former roommate and best friend. She wields a transforming sword/bow named Koukarin (煌華麟) in its sword form and der Freishütze (デアフライシュッツ) in its bow form. She is both overprotective of Yukina and androphobic, which gets Kojou off on the wrong foot when they first meet.
Forced by circumstances to work closely with Kojou, she warms to him and eventually offers herself, gaining him control of a second familiar. Subsequent to this, she develops romantic feelings towards him. While her regular duties involve investigating international magical crimes, her encounters with Kojou were apparently similarly arranged by the Lion Kings with the same objective in mind as with Yukina.
Natsuki Minamiya (南宮 那月, Minamiya Natsuki)
Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto
Natsuki is Kojou's English teacher and a renowned attack mage known as the Witch of the Void (空隙の魔女, kuugeki no majo). Her appearance is that of a grade school girl. Her typical garb is a black gothic lolita dress and she often carries a black parasol or folding fan. In addition to her duties as a teacher, she performs various security and investigative functions for the island. She becomes the guardian of Astarte and Kanon Kanase, and provider for Nina Adelard. As a witch, her guardian spirit is the Golden Guardian (黄金の守護者, ougon no shugosha) Rheingold (ラインゴルト).
Motoki Yaze (矢瀬 基樹, Yaze Motoki)
Voiced by: Ryōta Ōsaka
Motoki is secretly a member of the Lion Kings and the proper 'observer' of the Fourth Progenitor and as such, his actions are restricted. He is a classmate and friend to Kojou and Asagi. Knowing her well, he often encourages Asagi to pursue Kojou. He is an ESPer with the ability to manipulate sound waves in myriad ways but is susceptible to crippling headaches when exposed to loud noise. He often augments his abilities with a pair of headphones and occasionally with drugs.
Nagisa Akatsuki (暁 凪沙, Akatsuki Nagisa)
Voiced by: Rina Hidaka
Nagisa is Kojou's younger sister and attends the Saikai Academy middle school and is a classmate of Yukina and Kanon. She is gregarious and extraverted and quickly befriends Yukina when she moves in next door.
Efforts are made by those close to her to keep her unaware of much of the supernatural activity that surrounds her brother. She was apparently traumatized after a demonic attack four years prior. She unknowingly carries remnants of Avrora who occasionally at critical moments when Nagisa is unconscious near a supernatural event, will possess her body and offer assistance or cryptic advice.

Supporting Characters[edit]

Mogwai (モグワイ, Moguwai)
Voiced by: Shinji Kawada
Asagi's virtual partner who assists in her hacking missions. He is the avatar of the supercomputers that administrate Itogami Island (絃神島), but his deeper purpose is obscure.
Astarte (アスタルテ, Asutarute)
Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi
A homunculus notable in that she controls a familiar, she arrived on Itogami Island as a servant to Eustach. She currently serves Minamiya as a maid. She typically expresses little emotion, and is not often talkative.
Kanon Kanase (叶瀬 夏音, Kanase Kanon)
Voiced by: Kanae Itō
A shy, silver-haired middle-school girl who is Nagisa's friend and classmate and an inveterate collector of feral cats. She is the illegitimate daughter of La Folia's grandfather, and thus her half-aunt and Polifonia's half-sister, and was raised in Japan. She is the subject of Kensei Kanase's Angel Faux (エンジェル・フォウ) experiment.
Dimitrie Vatler (ディミトリエ・ヴァトラー, Dimitorie Vuatorā), Lord Ardeal (アルデアル公, Arudearu-kou)
Voiced by: Yūki Ono
Also known by his title, Lord Ardeal, he is a vampire and representative of the Warlord's Empire (戦王領域, sen`ou ryouiki) who becomes its ambassador to Itogami Island. As a powerful, old vampire with too much free time he is constantly seeking strong enemies to fight and often interjects himself into situations which don’t concern him. Derisively called Snake Charmer (蛇遣い, hebitsukai) by some who know him well; all of his known familiars are serpents.
Avrora Florestina (アヴローラ・フロレスティーナ, Avurōra Furoresutīna)
Voiced by: Kaori Ishihara
The previous Fourth Progenitor who passed her powers to Kojou upon her death. A fragment of her soul, whatever that means, persists within Nagisa and occasionally possesses her at crucial moments. She controls the twelfth familiar.
La Folia Rihavein (ラ・フォリア・リハヴァイン, Ra Foria Rihavuain)
Voiced by: Saori Ōnishi
The princess of Aldegyr (アルディギア王国) is a beautiful, silver-haired girl first encountered when pursued by illicit weapons producer Magus Craft during the Angel Faux experiments. Kanon is her half-aunt.
Kensei Kanase (叶瀬 賢生, Kanase Kensei)
Voiced by: Yutaka Aoyama
A magical researcher and director of Magus Craft who after adopting his niece Kanon, makes her the centrepiece of the Angel Faux experimentation. Was previously a court mage in Aldegyr. Subsequently conducts research while held by the IIMC.
Nina Adelard (ニーナ・アデラード, Nīna Aderādo)
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara
An alchemist who is Kou's master and some 270 years of age. Her current physical body, while well-proportioned, is doll-sized.
Kiriha Kisaki (妃崎霧葉, Kisaki Kiriha)
Voiced by: Yukiyo Fujii
'Black sword shaman' or Rikujin Shinkan (六刃神官) with the Taishikyoku (太史局), a rival agency to the Lion Kings. She is both an antagonist and ally to Kojou with her own agenda. Her lance, Richel Carre (リチエルカーレ), possesses the ability to manipulate demonic energy.
Lydianne Didier (リディアーヌ・ディディエ, Ridiānu Didie)
Voiced by: Misaki Kuno
A young computer expert who likes and admires Asagi but is also eager to compete with her. She calls herself Tank Driver (戦車乗り, Senshanori) and drives a pink tank. Her family operates a major industrial firm.
Koyomi Shizuka (閑 古詠, Shizuka Koyomi), Paper Noise (静寂破り「ペーパーノイズ」, Pēpānoizu)
Voiced by: Kana Ueda
Member of the Three Saints (三聖, sansei), the leaders of the Lion King Agency. A quiet individual with long braided hair and glasses who often wears a shrine maiden outfit, she attends Saikai Academy and is in an apparent relationship with Motoki. She is often referred to by her unique spell name, Paper Noise.
Rudolf Eustach (ルードルフ・オイスタッハ, Rūdorufu Oisutahha)
Voiced by: Kenta Miyake
A combat deacon (殲教師, senkyoushi) of Lotharingia (ロタリンギア), he is a powerful fighter and exorcist who comes to Itogami Island to retrieve a religious relic taken from the church. He initially controls Astarte until their defeat by Kojou and Yukina.
Christoph Gardos (クリストフ・ガルドシュ, Kurisutofu Garudoshu)
Voiced by: Eizō Tsuda
The therianthrope (獣人, juujin) leader of the Black Death Emperor Faction (黒死皇派, kuroshi sumeragiha) and a former soldier of the Warlord's Empire.
Beatrice Basler (ベアトリス・バスラー, Beatorisu Basurā)
Voiced by: Satomi Arai
An employee of Magus Craft. A vampire, she wields a spear possessing the familiar Jabra.
Lowe Kirishima (ロウ・キリシマ, Rou Kirishima)
Voiced by: Yūki Hayashi
Therianthrope, employee of Magus Craft and bush pilot
Yuuma Tokoyogi (仙都木 優麻, Tokoyogi Yūma)
Voiced by: Yumi Uchiyama
Kojou's childhood friend. Known as the 'Blue Witch' (蒼の魔女, ao no majo), she is a clone of her mother Aya, engineered with the singular purpose of freeing her from prison. She is apparently a member of The Library (図書館, toshokan) but is not very active with the organization. Her guardian spirit is Le Bleu (ル・ブルー), the 'Blue Knight' (青の騎士, ao no kishi).
Aya Tokoyogi (仙都木 阿夜, Tokoyogi Aya)
Voiced by: Mikako Takahashi
Yuuma's mother and the Witch of Notaria (ノタリアの魔女, notaria no majo), she has strong feelings about the status of witches in society. She is imprisoned behind Itogami Island’s prison barrier. She was a member of the Library. Her guardian spirit is L'Ombre (ル・オンブル).
Meiga Itogami (絃神 冥駕, Itogami Meiga)
Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae
The sole convict to escape from behind the prison barrier, he is a former Lion King adept and wields Fangzahn (ファングツァーン), a prototype lance which he stole after his release.
Kou Amatsuka (天塚 汞, Amatsuka Kō)
Voiced by: Yūki Kaji
Homunculus alchemist and Nina Adelard's apprentice
Wiseman (“賢者” ワイズマン, waizuman)
Voiced by: Taketora
Megalomaniacal alchemist who uses Amatsuka Kou to restore his body
Kazuomi Kusuki (久須木 和臣, Kusuki Kazuomi)
Voiced by: Shintaro Asanuma
Director of the Blue Elysium resort and the demon management company Kusuki-Elysée. A part-time eco-terrorist leader.
Mimori Akatsuki (暁 深森, Akatsuki Mimori)
Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi
Kojou's mother and chief of research at Magna Ataraxia Research’s (MAR) medical department. A magic physician and Hyper Adaptor (過適応能力者), her research involves Sybil, the apparent Priestess of Abel.
Reina Akatsuki (暁 零菜, Akatsuki Reina)
Voiced by: Kana Asumi
Apparent daughter of Yukina and Kojou who arrives like a terminator from twenty years in the future to eliminate an artificial magical beast and bring Yukina a more advanced Sekkarou.
Moegi Akatsuki (暁 萌葱, Akatsuki Moegi)
Voiced by: Minami Tsuda
Apparent daughter of Asagi and Kojou. She operated the time machine that sent back Reina Akatsuki.
Yume Eguchi (江口結眼, Eguchi Yume)
Voiced by: Nao Toyama
A young girl who Kojou meets at a holiday resort. She is a succubus with a split personality and a great hidden power.
Polifonia Rihavein (ポリフォニア・リハヴァイン, Porifonia Rihavuain)
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto
Mother of La Folia and queen of Aldegyr
Lucas Rihavein (ルーカス・リハヴァイン, Rukasu Rihavuain)
Voiced by: Tetsu Inada
Father of La Folia and king of Aldegyr
Trine Harden (トリーネ・ハルデン, Torīne Haruden)
Voiced by: Minami Takahashi
Therianthrope terrorist and irresistible seductress from the North Sea Empire (北海帝国)
Hisano Akatsuki (緋 紗 乃つ き さ の, Akatsuki Hisano)
Voiced by: Kazue Komiya
Grandmother of Kojou and Nagisa and powerful priestess
Gajou Akatsuki (牙 城つ ょ う, Akatsuki Gajou)
Voiced by: Yasuyuki Kase
Father of Kojou and Nagisa, ex-husband of Mimori
Yuiri Haba (羽波 唯里, Haba Yuiri)
Voiced by: Sayaka Senbongi
Sword shaman with the Lion Kings
Shio Hikawa (斐川 志緒, Hikawa Shio)
Voiced by: Kaede Hondo
War dancer with the Lion Kings
Iblisveil Aziz (イブリスベール・アズィーズ, Ibirisu Beru Azuizu)
Voiced by: Mutsumi Tamura
Ibliss is a vampire noble from the Warlord’s Empire who befriends Asagi and Lydianne.
Tatsumi Azama (安座真 達己, Azama Tatsumi)
Voiced by: Show Hayami
A major with the JDSF (自衛隊員) anti-mage regiment as well as the Knight of the Sinful God (咎神の騎士, Kyūshin no kishi) and leader of the cult.
Mikage Okiyama (沖山 観影, Okiyama Mikage)
Voiced by: Shizuka Ishigami
A lieutenant with the JDSF anti-mage regiment as well as a knight of the Sinful God cult.
Ueyanagi (上柳, Ueyanagi)
Voiced by: Daiki Hamano
A lieutenant with the JDSF anti-mage regiment as well as a knight of the Sinful God cult.
Glenda (グレンダ, Grenda)
Voiced by: Misaki Watada
A girl who shifts between a human and dragon form, she bonds deeply with Yuiri after being rescued by her.
Senga Takehito (千賀 毅人, Takehito Senga)
Voiced by: Kousuke Toriumi
Behind the scenes leader of the Tartarus Lapse (タルタロス・ラプス) terrorists
December (ディセンバー, Disenbā)
Voiced by: Lynn
Leader of the Tartarus Lapse terrorists, and similarly to Avrora, is connected to Kojou by being a partial seal of his power and the master of his tenth familiar.


Light novel[edit]

Strike the Blood began as a light novel series written by Gakuto Mikumo and illustrated by Manyako. ASCII Media Works has published 20 + 2 side stories volumes as of June 8, 2019, under their Dengeki Bunko imprint. Yen Press began publishing the English language edition on September 22, 2015.

No.TitleJapanese releaseEnglish release
1The Right Arm Of The Saint
Seija no migiude (聖者の右腕)
May 10, 2011[1]
ISBN 978-4-04-870267-6
September 22, 2015[2]
ISBN 978-0-31-634547-7
2From The Warlord's Empire
Sen'ō no shisha (戦王の使者)
September 10, 2011
ISBN 978-4-04-870752-7
January 19, 2016
ISBN 978-0-31-634549-1
3The Amphisbaena
Tenshi enjō (天使炎上)
February 10, 2012
ISBN 978-4-04-886274-5
May 24, 2016
ISBN 978-0-31-634551-4
4Labyrinth Of The Blue Witch
Aoki majo no meikyū (蒼き魔女の迷宮)
June 10, 2012
ISBN 978-4-04-886633-0
September 27, 2016
ISBN 978-0-31-634553-8
5Fiesta For The Observers
Kansoku sha tachi no utage (観測者たちの宴)
October 10, 2012
ISBN 978-4-04-886899-0
January 31, 2017
ISBN 978-0-31-634556-9
6Return Of The Alchemist
Renkinjutsu shi no kikan (錬金術師の帰還)
February 10, 2013
ISBN 978-4-04-891407-9
May 23, 2017
ISBN 978-0-31-634558-3
7Kaleid Blood
Enkō no yahaku (焔光の夜伯)
April 10, 2013
ISBN 978-4-04-891555-7
September 19, 2017
ISBN 978-0-31-656265-2
8The Tyrant and The Fool
Gusha to bōkun (愚者と暴君)
July 10, 2013
ISBN 978-4-04-891750-6
January 23, 2018
ISBN 978-0-31-644208-4
9The Black Sword Shaman
Kuro no ken'nagi (黒の剣巫)
October 10, 2013
ISBN 978-4-04-866023-5
May 22, 2018
ISBN 978-0-31-644210-7
10Bride of the Dark God
Kuraki shin ō no hanayome (冥き神王の花嫁)
March 8, 2014
ISBN 978-4-04-866428-8
September 18, 2018
ISBN 978-0-31-644212-1
11The Fugitive Fourth Primogenitor
Tōbō no dai yon shinso (逃亡の第四真祖)
September 10, 2014
ISBN 978-4-04-866865-1
January 22, 2019
ISBN 978-0-31-644214-5
12The Knight of the Sinful God
Kyūshin no kishi (咎神の騎士)
February 10, 2015
ISBN 978-4-04-869254-0
May 21, 2019
ISBN 978-0-31-644218-3
13Tartarus Roses
Tarutarosu no bara (タルタロスの薔薇)
June 10, 2015
ISBN 978-4-04-865191-2
September 17, 2019
ISBN 978-1-97-538483-8
14Golden Days
Ōgon no hibi (黄金の日々)
November 10, 2015
ISBN 978-4-04-865503-3
15The War Of Original Vampires
Sinso taisen (真祖大戦)
May 10, 2016
ISBN 978-4-04-865944-4
16Holy Knight of the Sunset
Yōen no seikishi (陽炎の聖騎士)
December 10, 2016
ISBN 978-4-04-892547-1
17Broken Holy Spear
Oreta seisō (折れた聖槍)
June 9, 2017
ISBN 978-4-04-892953-0
18Truth Theory・Kingdom of Valkyria
Shinsetsu・Varukyuria no ōkoku (真説・ヴァルキュリアの王国)
November 10, 2017
ISBN 978-4-04-893398-8
19Never-ending Night Banquet
Owaranai yoru no utage (終わらない夜の宴)
November 10, 2018
ISBN 978-4-04-912101-8
20Reunion of Vampire Princess
Saikai no kyūketsu-hime (再会の吸血姫)
June 8, 2019
ISBN 978-4-04-912517-7


No.TitleJapanese releaseEnglish release
APPEND1The Legacy of the Doll Maker
Ningyōshi no isan (人形師の遺産)
January 10, 2018
ISBN 978-4-04-893578-4
APPEND2Day and Night of the Arai Festival
Saikōsai no hiru to yoru (彩昂祭の昼と夜)
April 10, 2018
ISBN 978-4-04-893793-1


The manga began serialization in June 2012 in ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Daioh magazine.[3]

The first tankōbon volume was released on December 15, 2012 and the concluding tenth volume on March 27, 2017. The English language edition, published by Yen Press, was released between October 15, 2015 and April 17, 2018.

No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBNEnglish release dateEnglish ISBN
1 December 15, 2012[4]ISBN 978-4-04-891279-2October 27, 2015[5]ISBN 978-0-31-634560-6
2 May 27, 2013ISBN 978-4-04-891685-1February 23, 2016ISBN 978-0-31-634564-4
3 October 26, 2013ISBN 978-4-04-866015-0May 24, 2016ISBN 978-0-31-634568-2
4 March 27, 2014ISBN 978-4-04-866393-9September 27, 2016ISBN 978-0-31-639603-5
5 September 27, 2014ISBN 978-4-04-866834-7December 20, 2016ISBN 978-0-31-636185-9
6 March 27, 2015ISBN 978-4-04-869298-4March 21, 2017ISBN 978-0-31-646608-0
7 September 26, 2015ISBN 978-4-04-865352-7June 20, 2017ISBN 978-0-31-646609-7
8 April 27, 2016ISBN 978-4-04865740-2September 19, 2017ISBN 978-0-31-644202-2
9 September 27, 2016ISBN 978-4-04-892370-5December 12, 2017ISBN 978-0-31-644204-6
10 March 27, 2017ISBN 978-4-04-892767-3April 17, 2018ISBN 978-1-97-530013-5


A 24-episode anime adaptation produced by Silver Link and Connect began airing on October 4, 2013 on AT-X.[6][7] The series is directed by Hideyo Yamamoto with scripts by Hiroyuki Yoshino and character design by Keiichi Sano.[8] The first opening theme song is "Strike the Blood" (「ストライク・ザ・ブラッド」) by Kisida Kyoudan & The Akebosi Rockets, and the first ending theme song is "Strike my soul" by Yuka Iguchi. The second opening theme is "Fight 4 Real" by Altima and the second ending theme is "Signal" by Kanon Wakeshima.[9] Crunchyroll (with distribution by Discotek Media) released the anime series in a combined Blu-ray/DVD format on November 8, 2016.[10]

On March 15, 2015, publisher Dengeki Bunko announced that a two-part OVA based on an original story by creator Gakuto Mikumo would be released by year's end. On August 14, 2015, further details were announced for Strike the Blood: Valkyria's Kingdom which would be released on DVD/BRD on November 25 and December 23 of that year. The opening theme is "Little Charm Fang" (「リトルチャームファング」) by Iguchi and the ending theme is "Kimi wa Soleil" (「君はソレイユ」) by Wakeshima.[11]

A second 4 volume, 8 episode OVA series based on the 9th light novel, co-produced by Silver Link and Connect and with returning director Hideyo Yamamoto, was released between November 21, 2016 and May 24, 2017. The opening theme song is "Blood on the EDGE" by Kishida Kyōdan & The Akeboshi Rockets and the ending theme song is "Fortune Number 0405" (「フォーチュンナンバー0405」) by Risa Taneda.[12][13]

A third OVA series, projected at 10 episodes, produced by Connect and with returning director Hideyo Yamamoto, debuted on December 19, 2018, and will conclude on September 29, 2019. The opening theme song is "Blood and Emotions" by Kishida Kyōdan & The Akeboshi Rockets and the ending theme song is "Love Stoic" by Taneda.[14]

Season 1[edit]

No. Title Original air date
1"The Right Arm of the Saint I"
"Seija no Migiude Hen Ichi" (聖者の右腕篇I)
October 4, 2013 (2013-10-04)
Kojou Akatsuki, a high school student living on Itogami Island, is suspected of being a powerful vampire called the Fourth Progenitor. On his way home, he notices a female student trailing him. After an altercation with two local demons, he learns that Yukina Himeragi is an 'attack mage' (攻魔師, koumashi) sent by a secret organization to observe him and the two begin to spend time together.
2"The Right Arm of the Saint II"
"Seija no Migiude Hen Ni" (聖者の右腕篇II)
October 11, 2013 (2013-10-11)
Yukina is assigned the mission of ‘observing’ the suspected Fourth Progenitor and armed with a magical polearm named Sekkarou. She moves into the apartment adjacent to Kojou, the better to observe him from. She is exposed to everyday life, which she has heretofore been much sheltered from and is befriended by Kojou’s younger sister Nagisa. Explosions and an apparent familiar battle on the East Island causes Yukina to rush to intervene. Rudolf Eustach, a European exorcist who controls the victorious homunculus Astarte, confronts her and they fight. Just as her situation turns dire, Kojou arrives to save her.
3"The Right Arm of the Saint III"
"Seija no Migiude Hen San" (聖者の右腕篇III)
October 18, 2013 (2013-10-18)
Kojou reveals to Yukina that he has limited control over his own familiars because he has yet to act like a vampire and drink a human’s blood. Natsuki Minamiya-sensei meets with Kojou and Yukina and warns Kojou that he may be in danger. After enlisting Asagi Aiba's research assistance, the two investigate an abandoned homunculus research facility. While they explore it, Eustach and Astarte appear and a fight ensues in which Kojou is decapitated. Eustach leaves them to continue his mission.
4"The Right Arm of the Saint IV"
"Seija no Migiude Hen Yon" (聖者の右腕篇IV)
October 25, 2013 (2013-10-25)
Eustach and Astarte continue their advance to the core of the island’s magical foundations. Kojou regenerates and Yukina offers her blood to him, which results in his gaining mastery over a familiar. They pursue Eustach who reveals that his mission is to retrieve a holy relic which is integral to the foundation of the island. With newfound control over the 5th Familiar - Leo Pemptos - Regulus-Aurum/The Lion of Gold, Kojou and Yukina defeat the intruders.
5"From the Warlord's Empire I"
"Sen'ō no Shisha Hen Ichi" (戦王の使者篇I)
November 1, 2013 (2013-11-01)
Students prepare for the upcoming Saikai Academy ball sports tournament. Therianthropic sympathizers of the Black Death Emperor Faction terrorist organization begin to operate within the city but are thwarted by Natsuki, who discovers that they are interested in an ancient weapon known as Nalakuvera (ナラクヴェーラ). Kojou is attacked by two magical spirits which are easily dispatched by Yukina who now tracks his movements with shikigami. Left behind after the attack is an invitation to a party which they attend that evening aboard the yacht of the newly arrived Lord Ardeal (or Dimitrie Vatler), a powerful vampire representative of the Lost Warlord.
6"From the Warlord's Empire II"
"Sen'ō no Shisha Hen Ni" (戦王の使者篇II)
November 8, 2013 (2013-11-08)
Sayaka Kirasaka, Yukina's friend from the Lion Kings, makes her feelings known about men in general and Kojou in particular. Vatler discusses the new threat posed by international terrorist Christoph Gardos and his organization. Yukina proposes to deal with this threat herself. Asagi receives and quickly deciphers a decryption puzzle from an unknown source. Kojou and Yukina visit Natsuki in her office, learn that Astarte is now employed as her maid, and discuss Vatler, terrorism, and the ancient weapon known as Nalakuvera. Kojou asks Asagi to research this weapon which she agrees to as its name was the answer to the puzzle she had solved earlier. An enraged Sayaka confronts and assaults Akatsuki atop the school roof.
7"From the Warlord's Empire III"
"Sen'ō no Shisha Hen San" (戦王の使者篇III)
November 15, 2013 (2013-11-15)
Kojou's surge of power damages the school and injures Asagi. Yukina arrives to end the conflict and brings Asagi to the infirmary. They are joined there by Astarte and Nagisa. Required by Yukina to reflect upon their actions, Sayaka and Kojou instead continue to bicker atop the roof but with her beginning to warm to him. Therianthropic terrorists invade the infirmary, triggering a shrieking panic attack by Nagisa. After terrorist leader Christoph Gardos shoots Astarte, the other three girls are abducted and driven to the airport. Motoki Yase attempts to intervene but is blocked by Vatler who seeks the excitement of a showdown. Gardos reveals his objectives and demands that Asagi decipher the Nalakuvera operations manual.
8"From the Warlord's Empire IV"
"Sen'ō no Shisha Hen Yon" (戦王の使者篇IV)
November 22, 2013 (2013-11-22)
Kojou battles the Nalakuvera and Sayaka joins the fray. When his familiar drives the Nalakuvera into the ground, it causes an earthquake and the two fall through a fissure to a lower level of the now leaking and unstable float. Asagi works furiously at deciphering the control system for the Nalakuvera. Yukina discovers Gardos' secret — the hold is filled with manufactured Nalakuvera. Gardos appears and fights her. She severs his arm but is prevented from defeating him by the sudden appearance of two more terrorists bearing the unconscious Nagisa and Asagi. Their situation underground bleakens and Sayaka, spurred by Vatler's earlier, offers herself to Kojou, gaining him control of second familiar. Gardos takes the master Nalakuvera and leads the rest into the fight. Initially the ancient weapons seem indestructible but Yukina destroys them all using a special command secretly created by Asagi after decoding their control system.
9"The Amphisbaena I"
"Tenshi Enjō Hen Ichi" (天使炎上篇I)
November 29, 2013 (2013-11-29)
Asagi lures Kojou into the school's art room to get closer to him without any other women nearby and secure a date for the coming weekend; Yukina observes remotely. While Yukina and Kojou discuss revealing his secret identity to Asagi, they witness Nagisa accepting a letter from a classmate. Sayaka informs Kojou that she will be coming to the island this weekend as a VIP bodyguard. Kojou stalks his sister at school along with Yukina and is introduced to a classmate of hers, the silver-haired Kanon Kanase, who has been collecting feral cats in some nearby church ruins. Natsuki and Motoki discuss the recovering victim from a recent aerial battle and are joined by Vatler who adds to their knowledge of the victim and alerts them to some approaching threats to the city.
10"The Amphisbaena II"
"Tenshi Enjō Hen Ni" (天使炎上篇II)
December 6, 2013 (2013-12-06)

After Kojou and Yukina accompany Natsuki and Astarte to a festival, they move to the tower where they anticipate another battle between the flying humanoids, who they seek to capture. In combat they discover that their magic is ineffective against the flyers. But when one attacks Kojou, the other silver-haired flyer saves him and brutally assaults the first. While doing so, her mask is destroyed revealing that she is Kanon.

Kojou and Yukina visit Magus Craft, the company run by Kanon's father. He is off-site, but his secretary Beatrice has the pair flown to a research island the company owns nearby. The pilot Lowe quickly strands them there. Wondering about Kanon Kanase, Sayaka investigates the church ruins and encounters Motoki, who she recalls seeing with Vatler. They are joined moments later by Nagisa and Asagi and all retire to a nearby internet cafe, where Asagi tracks down the whereabouts of Kojou and Yukina. That night on the island, Kojou searches for Yukina, who had left the shelter, and discovers that they were not alone on the island.
11"The Amphisbaena III"
"Tenshi Enjō Hen San" (天使炎上篇III)
December 13, 2013 (2013-12-13)

Kojou espies a silver-haired beauty bathing in a moonlit pool, reminding him of a more mature Kanon. A hovercraft approaches the island and beaches. A squad of robot soldiers disembarks and immediately attacks Kojou and Yukina, who are rescued by La Folia Rihavein, the woman Kojou had seen bathing. Kojou destroys the remaining soldiers and their landing craft.

Another hovercraft beaches, waving a flag of truce, and Kanon's adoptive father Kensei Kanase greets them, accompanied by Beatrice and Lowe. After revealing their plans and that Kanon is being developed into what Kensei terms an 'angel', a fight breaks out. Kanon's attack seemingly kills Kojou, which disrupts her mental state unpredictably and she creates a tower of ice around herself. Not far from the island, Sayaka assaults and takes control of a Magus Craft container ship and is joined on it by Natsuki.
12"The Amphisbaena IV"
"Tenshi Enjō Hen Yon" (天使炎上篇IV)
December 20, 2013 (2013-12-20)
Curled up into a ball, Kanon agonizes while encased in ice at the top of her self-imposed barrier. Abutting the tower of ice, Yukina has created a magical shelter for the three. La Folia induces Yukina to arousing and feeding Kojou, enabling a familiar within him to heal the wound from Kanon's attack and return Kojou to consciousness. Inspired by this display, La Folia gives herself to Kojou, gaining him control over a third familiar. Kojou confronts the patiently waiting Kensei. After much bickering, another fight breaks out, this time including additional 'angels' secretly cloned by Beatrice. Kojou defeats Kanon using the familiar Al-Meissa Mercury for the first time.
13"Labyrinth of the Blue Witch I"
"Aoki Majo no Meikyū Hen Ichi" (蒼き魔女の迷宮篇I)
January 10, 2014 (2014-01-10)

Minamiya-sensei along with Sasasaki, her colleague from the middle school, branch out into working vice on the trains. The two Witches of Ashdown, who are members of the criminal organization known as the Library, invade the island and wreak havoc. Yuuma Tokoyogi, Kojou's tomboyish childhood friend, flies in to visit after four years without contact. Along with his student friends, they take her to the tower of the Keystone Gate (キーストーンゲート) for sightseeing.

Strange occurrences occur around the city before its annual Halloween Festival. People begin teleporting when they pass through doorways and movement in the city is shut down by traffic mishaps. Astarte arrives at the tower to reveal that Natsuki has vanished and that her orders are to protect Kanon should this happen. That night, Yuuma speaks cryptically and at midnight, kisses Kojou and he falls unconscious. When he wakes, he finds himself in her body, with his own body now missing.
14"Labyrinth of the Blue Witch II"
"Aoki Majo no Meikyū Hen Ni" (蒼き魔女の迷宮篇II)
January 17, 2014 (2014-01-17)

While in Yuuma's body, Kojou visits Yukina's apartment and proves his identity to her and the others. The island's communications and transportation are in disarray. While Asagi consults with colleague Tank Driver, Mogwai connects the current spatial anomaly to a past crisis known as the Dark Oath Grimoire Incident, perpetrated by the Library a decade ago.

Yukina concludes that Yuuma to blame. The Ashdown Witches lurk with a grimoire atop the Keystone Gate tower until interrupted by Vatler. Yuuma arrives in Kojou's body to propose a deal with Vatler over the fate of the criminals imprisoned in the island's magical high security prison and secure his inaction. Asagi solves most of the island's navigational issues and quickly develops a satellite-based navigation system phone app which is sent to Kojou enabling Yukina and he to travel to the tower to confront the witches.
15"Labyrinth of the Blue Witch III"
"Aoki Majo no Meikyū Hen San" (蒼き魔女の迷宮篇III)
January 24, 2014 (2014-01-24)

Atop the tower, Vatler reveals that the most vicious criminals in the world will all simultaneously be set free and vanishes. In rapid sequence, the witches' familiar grabs Yukina and Kojou, Sayaka and La Folia warp in and free them, Yuuma uses the grimoire to begin bringing the prison to this plane, Kensei steps forward having provided the gateway, Yuuma destroys the grimoire which has served its purpose and vanishes, Kojou and Yukina leave through Kensei's portal to pursue her, and Sayaka and La Folia remain to battle and defeat the Ashdown Witches.

Yuuma uses Kojou's familiar to bring the prison fully into this plane and in its antechamber, comes upon its perpetually sleeping jailer, Natsuki. Her spirit guardian Le Bleu appears and attacks the jailer, beginning a battle.

Eventually, Yukina drives Sekkarou through Le Bleu and into Yuuma, which results in everyone returning to their own body and Natsuki waking. While they discuss the future, Aya's guardian spirit L'Ombre appears suddenly to spit both Yuuma and Natsuki with its sword.
16"Fiesta for the Observers I"
"Kansokusha-tachi no Utage Hen Ichi" (観測者たちの宴篇I)
January 31, 2014 (2014-01-31)

Nagisa's body is possessed by the 12th familiar and after delivering a warning to Vatler, returned to her mother Mimori. After waking from her nap, Asagi walks the streets during the festival where she acquires guardianship of a small child who can only be Natsuki.

Aya Tokoyogi tears her daughter Yuuma's guardian spirit away from her. Holding up another grimoire, she explains to Kojou and Yukina how she cursed Natsuki, which partially opened the prison. The six worst inmates appear behind her and explain that until they kill the witch, they'll never be free of the prison system and that should their power or stamina fall too low, they will be re-imprisoned automatically. One inmate demonstrates upon another, who is returned. Sayaka races up with a motorized cart and they scoop up the fallen Yuuma and flee.

Asagi cares for her new ward who has lost her memories to Aya's curse. Kojou leads the others to his mother's research facility where everyone has fun and Sayaka attempts to seduce Kojou hoping to heal him.
17"Fiesta for the Observers II"
"Kansokusha-tachi no Utage Hen Ni" (観測者たちの宴篇II)
February 7, 2014 (2014-02-07)

Aya retires to the roof of Saikai Academy to conduct her operations. She severs relations with the Library and marks up the school with magical glyphs.

Nurse Witch Yukina explains Mimori's diagnosis and treatment of Yuuma to Kojou and Sayaka. While discussing Natsuki, who they believe can save Yuuma, they notice Asagi with a small child on TV and phone her. The call is interrupted by convict Kirika Girika who has realised that the girl is the young Witch of the Void. With Mogwai's aid, the two escape to an entrance of the Keystone Gate where the Island Guard (アイランドガード) and Astarte return the convict to his cell.

Convict Gigliola Ghirardi appears and takes mind control of the Island Guard detachment, subdues Astarte and menaces Asagi and Natsuki-chan. Vatler intervenes and brutally returns her to her cell. Kojou rides up on a stolen folding bike and negotiates handing Natsuki-chan over to Vatler, ostensibly for safekeeping aboard his cruise ship. Convict Meiga Itogami approaches Aya on the school roof where she further explains the situation. His own plans do not include hunting the witch.
18"Fiesta for the Observers III"
"Kansokusha-tachi no Utage Hen San" (観測者たちの宴篇III)
February 14, 2014 (2014-02-14)

Aboard Vatler's Oceanus Grave, circumstances compel Kojou into the luxurious baths where he is approached with salacious intent by a bevy of young women from the Warlord's domain. They cede the field however when Asagi and Natsuki-chan enter the baths. While bickering, Asagi's towel falls away, exciting Kojou and triggering a nose bleed into the bath and his fainting. Natsuki-chan scoops up some of the discoloured water in her hands. That night in their room the two teens continue to bicker. The sleeping child suddenly stands on the bed and identifying herself as Natsu-kyun, reveals that Natsuki will magically restore herself in two hours.

On the quay outside, Vatler approaches Sayaka and Yukina speaking cryptically. Convict Broodt Dumblegraff interrupts and after a long battle, Vatler re-jails him. Convict Shutora D appears and is similarly reincarcerated by Sayaka.

Her preparations complete, Aya appears and claims Itogami Island and with the Dark Oath Grimoire (闇誓書事), declares an end to any supernatural powers other than her own. Yukina proves the exception but when she attacking, is teleported into a jail cage.
19"Fiesta for the Observers IV"
"Kansokusha-tachi no Utage Hen Yon" (観測者たちの宴篇IV)
February 21, 2014 (2014-02-21)

Depositing Yukina into a dreamworld, Aya reveals some of Natsuki's past to her. Yukina continues to dream about a rosy school life shared with Sayaka and Kojou but ends her dream to confront Aya, who reveals that her motivation has been to exculpate witches for all the world's ills that they're traditionally blamed for. She seeks to recruit Yukina to her cause.

Yuuma, who as the clone of her mother retains some magical power, joins Sayaka to feed Kojou which heals his wound and restores his power.

Kojou interrupts Aya and frees Yukina from her cage. Aya re-releases the worst convicts who are quickly defeated. Yukina shatters Aya's magical barrier but is ensnared by tentacles. Aya pulls out her grimoire to steal Yukina's memories. Awaiting this moment, Natsuki takes the book from Aya and re-acquires her lost time and powers. Although Aya continues to struggle she is finally defeated by Yukina. Convict Meiga collects a prototype anti-demon lance from the museum and decamps for parts unknown.
20"Return of the Alchemist I"
"Renkinjutsushi no Kikan Hen Ichi" (錬金術師の帰還篇I)
February 28, 2014 (2014-02-28)

Alchemist Kou Amatsuka visits Kensei Kanase, in pursuit of an artefact in his possession known as Wiseman's Blood. The middle school students shop at the mall in advance of their off-island training camp. Accompanying them, Kojou is attacked by Amatsuka who seeks to use Kanon as a sacrifice. Amatsuka comments on an incident at Nina Adelard's monastery, which is apparently also the ruined church and cat haven. Yukina joins the fray and the alchemist departs.

Astarte explains alchemists to Kojou and mentions the legendary Nina Adelard, who would be centuries old were she still alive. Kojou and Asagi, approaching the ruined church, are intercepted by Natsuki but while there, Asagi loses a precious ear stud in the grass. Yukina leads Kojou to a seedy part of town where the Lion Kings' island branch is secreted away. She hands in her halberd while her master, in the form of a cat familiar, meets the Fourth Progenitor.

At the ruined church, using Wiseman's Blood, Amatsuka conducts a ritual designed to force out his former master Nina. It is successful but she is able to flee. Asagi, returning to search for her ear stud, is struck and perhaps slain.
21"Return of the Alchemist II"
"Renkinjutsushi no Kikan Hen Ni" (錬金術師の帰還篇II)
March 7, 2014 (2014-03-07)

Kojou and Yukina go to the ruined church where they fight and chase off Amatsuka. Asagi revives, apparently uninjured, but with ruined clothes and somehow still covered in blood. Kojou brings her home.

Asagi showers and notices a red disk attached to her chest. She touches it and her body is taken over by the alchemist Nina Adelard. During a long conversation with Kojou, she reveals that Amatsuka remains alive. Amatsuka meanwhile, wanders around the island picking fights.
22"Return of the Alchemist III"
"Renkinjutsushi no Kikan Hen San" (錬金術師の帰還篇III)
March 14, 2014 (2014-03-14)

Aboard the ferry, Amatsuka does bad things. Nina and Kojou visit the ruined church where she partially restores herself from the remaining fragments of Wiseman's blood left after the ritual. The cat and the maid send them off with Yukina's halberd, along with Sayaka and Natsuki, aboard an Aldegyr royal airship, which was borrowed through La Folia.

Cornered, Kanon faces Amatsuka and tells him truths he cannot endure. Yukina blocks his attack and Kojou then arrives along with Nina. Amatsuka takes out Wiseman's brilliant, golden skull and tosses it onto the deck where Wiseman begins to re-form, pulling the necessary matter from seawater. After achieving the perfect form of a golden giant, he launches an attack.

In the aftermath, Nina is reduced to half her form, and Kojou is solid metal. Nagisa's body, possessed again by Avrora, kisses Kojou feeding him enough power to return to his normal state whereupon Yukina feeds herself to him. His powers restored, Kojou's familiar destroys Wiseman. This frees Nina although there is insufficient blood remaining for her to restore her to her normal size.
23"Empire of the Dawn I"
"Akatsuki no Teikoku Hen Ichi" (暁の帝国篇I)
March 21, 2014 (2014-03-21)

Yukina suffers through terrible dreams of abandonment. Later that day, like a terminator, a naked young woman appears amidst a sphere of surging, crackling electricity in the girls' dressing room. She strikes Yukina knocking her out and steals her clothes. Outside, Kojou and Motoki have a confused conversation with a blue-eyed girl who they treat as though she is Yukina due to an uncanny resemblance.

A dragon-like monster appears, vanishes and appears again above the school. It attacks Kojou, draining some of his energy. Yukina attacks the dragon and completely shatters her halberd's blade against it. The blue-eyed Yukina's eyes turn red. She summons her own golden, Lovecraftian halberd and attacks the dragon, causing it to teleport away. Natsuki, who calls the blue-eyed Yukina the 'fake transfer student', discovers something unusual about her and leads her away from any scrutiny. A crushing letter arrives from the Lion Kings recalling Yukina to the High God Forest (高神の杜).
24"Empire of the Dawn II"
"Akatsuki no Teikoku Hen Ni" (暁の帝国篇II)
March 28, 2014 (2014-03-28)

While bathing at Kanon's the blue-eyed Yukina explains to her and Nina that she's here to stop a manmade magical beast that can cross time, distort space and consumes dragon veins. In short order, it will destroy the island. Asagi works furiously but fruitlessly to maintain the island's infrastructure. Sayaka informs Kojou of Vatler's opinion on the dragon's significance. Yukina is too despondent to even listen.

The fake transfer girl confronts Yukina who eventually expresses her great desire to remain with Kojou, and gives her a replacement Sekkarou, this one twenty years in the making and capable of handling the great power that Yukina has developed since leaving the nest.

Returning to battle together with the now red-eyed girl, they cross the streams and disable its ability to drain energy, opening it up to Kojou's final attack. Instantly, the sun shines again and everything returns to normal. In a maelstrom of electrical energy, the fake transfer girl returns home, twenty years in the future, and tells her half-sister about meeting her parents when they were her age.
OVA–1"Kingdom of the Valkyria I"
"Varukyuria no Ōkoku Zenpen" (ヴァルキュリアの王国 前篇)
November 25, 2015 (2015-11-25)

A renewal of the non-aggression treaty between the Kingdom of Aldegyr and the Warlord's Empire is scheduled to be signed in the acceptably neutral Itogami City. King Lucas' misgivings about La Folia's relationship with the Fourth Progenitor result in him pressuring his daughter to quickly get engaged to someone.

The Rihavein's host a large event that night and everyone is invited. Giant, flying, demon bugs crash the party and menace the attendees. Kojou obliterates the insects and then comforts an apparent victim, a maid from the event. Licking Kojou's chest in gratitude the maid runs off.

Thereafter that night, Kojou acts strangely and is more forward with his female friends than usual. His will having abandoned him and at the behest of the now-domineering maid, Kojou abducts La Folia and Yukina.
OVA–2"Kingdom of the Valkyria II"
"Varukyuria no Ōkoku Kouhen" (ヴァルキュリアの王国 後篇)
December 23, 2015 (2015-12-23)

Lucas and Polifonia discuss the abduction with security. Meanwhile, with the two abductees bound and gagged nearby, erstwhile maid and now full-time terrorist Trine Harden discusses their plans while humiliating Kojou. The world is oblivous to the abduction which is kept from the public.

On the day of the ceremony, at Trine's command, Kojou boards and takes over the Aldegyrian flagship, the Bifröst. La Folia is ordered to give control of the airship to the terrorists, who she identifies as being agents from the North Sea Empire (北海帝国). Playing along, she does so and the two captives are returned to their cabin where La Folia turns up the heat.

Asagi begins taking over the systems of the Bifröst. The terrorists launch attacks at the ceremonial hall, but are thwarted each time. La Folia identifies the nature of Trine's hold over Kojou and highlights Yukina's charms to free him. Together, he and Yukina defeat the terrorists.

Season 2[edit]

No. Title Disc Release date[12]
OVA–1"The Black Sword Shaman I"
"Kuro no Ken'nagi-hen I" (黒の剣巫篇I)
November 23, 2016 (2016-11-23)

Blue Elysium (ブルーエリジアム), a new fantasy marine resort, is holding its trial opening and Motoki wants the gang there. Kojou and Asagi end up working a yakisoba booth while Yukina and Nagisa see the sights. Elsewhere on the grounds, Sayaka rescues Yume Eguchi, a younger girl abductee but after giving the girl a photo of Kojou and sending her ahead to the lifeguard centre, is herself taken prisoner by a mysterious sword shaman. By the aquarium, Yukina encounters a schoolgirl in black who carries a case similar to Yukina's over her shoulder.

When Kojou delivers drinks to the lifeguard centre, Yume follows him back to the booth and eventually to the suites where a barbecue gets underway. Yume reveals that her sister Riru was also confined and that an organization is conducting experiments for which her sister had been a willing subject. There is a connection to the ownership of the new resort.

The same girl observing Yukina earlier also captured Sayaka, and held a cryptic conversation with Kazuomi Kusuki, who runs the company that Yume discussed. She identifies herself to Sayaka as a shadow of a sword shaman.
OVA–2"The Black Sword Shaman II"
"Kuro no Ken'nagi-hen II" (黒の剣巫篇II)
November 23, 2016 (2016-11-23)

Kiriha Kisaki, who works for the Taishikyoku, an agency similar to and in competition with the Lion Kings, offers to release Sayaka once her mission is complete. Until then Sayaka will be put to work.

Kojou discovers that Yume is a succubus demon, and her ostensible sister Riru is actually her own alter ego, concocted to cope with past trauma. The others all rise under her mischievous control and make advances upon Kojou. Later, Kiriha arrives with a controlled Sayaka, who is left behind to pick a fight while she drives off with Yume. Kojou battles Sayaka and soon brings her around. Yukina, seeking to rescue Yume, chases down and battles Kiriha. Yume's personality reseizes control and she flies away, distraught.

Sayaka and Asagi reveal the villainous plans of Kazuomi. A control program called LYL based upon Yume, who will be sacrificed, and the spirit of the persistent succubus Lilith, will enable their control over the ancient sea monster Leviathan and destroy Itogami Island. Kojou and Yukina join Sayaka to thwart the terrorists.
OVA–3"The Black Sword Shaman III"
"Kuro no Ken'nagi-hen III" (黒の剣巫篇III)
December 23, 2016 (2016-12-23)

While Asagi investigates, she is interrupted by Lydianne Didier, who reveals that she is working for the Taishikyoku, managing the LYL program and will protect their systems against all comers. She challenges Asagi to hacking combat and begins her attack.

Lilith's spirit awakens early and automatically, contrary to Kazuomi's schemes. Yume, now apparently hosting that spirit, informs Kazuomi that he will be the actual sacrifice. Kiriha intervenes when Kojou attempts to steal a powerboat. Sayaka, smarting from her earlier defeat, remains behind to battle her. Before her defeat, Kiriha identifies Asagi as the Priestess of Cain, the assassination of whom is the Taishikyoku's goal.

Kojou and Yukina race off to face Leviathan. After entering the belly of the beast, Kojou confronts Yume and wins her over with his promise to make her happy forever. The sea monster um… reboots, shucking off all controlling efforts and begins to lash out. Battling through her impressive right cross, Kojou persuades Yukina to feed him and gains control of another familiar Kiffa-Ater, which possesses the form of a Damascene sword. Yume sings to the beast and quickly calms it.
OVA–4"The Fugitive Fourth Progenitor I"
"Tōbō no Dai yon Shinso-hen I" (逃亡の第四真祖篇I)
December 23, 2016 (2016-12-23)

Yukina stalks Kojou as he plays with Yume. A stranger approaches and while chatting her up, half-jokingly accuses her of stalking. He is Gajou, the father of Kojou and Nagisa. Soon after, he leaves the island with Nagisa.

On New Year's Eve, Yukina exploits Nagisa's absence to play house with Kojou in his apartment. Motoki arrives with Yume, Kanon, Astarte and Asagi and all visit the temple together. A cryptic message from Nagisa arrives with only a photo of a magic circle in the sky, which Yukina concludes was Sayaka's. At home, Asagi scans through CCTV footage to determine the route and destination of Gajou and Nagisa.

As more information comes to light, Yukina concludes that the Lion Kings are involved. With Kojou chasing her, she rushes to the local office but it is silent, empty and locked down. Kiriha intrudes upon them. Asagi decides to travel to the mainland, which provokes a vigorous reaction from the island. Kojou visits Natsuki and asks for her assistance in getting off the island but she first declines to help and then forbids his leaving for Lake Kannawa.
OVA–5"The Fugitive Fourth Progenitor II"
"Tōbō no Dai yon Shinso-hen II" (逃亡の第四真祖篇II)
March 29, 2017 (2017-03-29)

Natsuki magically prevents Kojou from leaving her premises. Kanon recruits Nina to spring him. Outside, Kiriha offers Yukina and him a private jet and false travel documents. Her agency is having fun at the expense of the rival Lion Kings.

Asagi continues her efforts to leave the island with Mogwai's aid. Lydianne assists, and later the convict Meiga. Eventually she leaves the island by plane.

Natsuki intercepts Kojou by the beach to forcibly stop him. Her guardian spirit Rheingold suppresses his familiars and drains his power through them. Kanon teleports with him into Natsuki's prison antechamber where they encounter an adult version of her who explains that Avrora, through Nagisa, is capable of permanently sealing a great monster at the lake but Kojou's presence there would be disruptive. Astarte rebels and prods Kanon into giving herself to Kojou, gaining him control of another familiar, Mesarthim-Adamas, the Ram. Kiriha joins Yukina in battling Natsuki. Yukina goes all out using divine possession to dismiss Rheingold and free Kojou's familiars. Natsuki then ends their conflict, permits him to go to the mainland and departs. Koyomi appears suddenly and after introducing herself, places a seal upon him.
OVA–6"The Knight of the Sinful God I"
"Kyūshin no Kishi-hen I" (咎神の騎士篇I)
March 29, 2017 (2017-03-29)

Gajou and Nagisa arrive at the temple at Lake Kannawa. He is captured and his jailers are two Lion King miko, Yuiri Haba and Shio Hikawa. Plans for dealing with the sealing relic known as 'Avalon' are discussed. Shirona Kuraki of the Lion Kings will conduct the ritual involving Nagisa, supported by Yuiri. A side-effect of the ritual will permanently expunge the remnant of Avrora from Nagisa. Major Azama commands the JDSF anti-mage contingent.

The ritual quickly goes awry as they discover that Avalon is not actually a seal but rather, an independent being which is using the ritual to free itself. While it launches hundreds of giant demonic winged insects which quickly fly amok, Avrora's familiar Alrescha-Glacies manifests and freezes the lake and adjoining river. A battle ensues between the poorly equipped soldiers and the demon insects. With Azama missing and presumed dead, Lt. Okiyama assumes command of the remaining soldiers.

Gajou and Shio cross the frozen lake and retrieve the unconscious Nagisa. Elsewhere, Yuiri comes to and notices the demons flying off in a fright. A naked girl approaches her.
OVA–7"The Knight of the Sinful God II"
"Kyūshin no Kishi-hen II" (咎神の騎士篇II)
May 24, 2017 (2017-05-24)

Myriad forces continue to converge on the frozen Lake Kannawa. Asagi and Lydianne, riding in the pink tank, are joined by Ibliss, a high-ranking vampire from the Warlord's domain, after he rescued them from flying demons. Gajou and Shio carry the comatose Nagisa across the frozen lake, seeking a haven for her. Hisano instructs Yuiri to care for Glenda and evacuate with the wounded soldiers.

In separate actions, a wyvern-mounted knight attempts to abduct Nagisa and Glenda. They're identified as cultist Knights of the Sinful God, and their efforts are stymied, one by Vatler and Ibliss, the other by Kojou and Yukina.

Separately and shortly after, two squads of soldiers, led respectively by the back-in-action Azama and Ueyanagi of the JDSF, confront the two parties and demand that they hand over their charges, Nagisa and Glenda. Stand-offs ensue.
OVA–8"The Knight of the Sinful God III"
"Kyūshin no Kishi-hen III" (咎神の騎士篇III)
May 24, 2017 (2017-05-24)

Shio defies Azama. From afar, Shirona incapacitates the lower level cultists. Okiyama appears on a wyvern and leading a second one to retrieve Azama and they flee. Azama joins the other confrontation and first betrays Ueyanagi, transforming him into a golem, and then attacking Yuiri, triggering a distraught Glenda to transform and fly off with Yuiri, Kojou and Yukina.

After fleeing the confrontation with Azama, Kojou, Yukina, Yuiri and Glenda enjoy a pleasant interlude in a cabin in the mountains. Azama arrives and explains the cult's beliefs and intentions, including their plans to rid the world of its demons and then make an offer to Kojou. When rejected, he banishes Kojou to the void of Node where Kojou is protected by the seal placed on him earlier by Koyomi. Glenda leaps after him into the void and offers herself, gaining him control over the second familiar. He frees himself from the void and returns to help defeat Azama and the cult. During the battle, Asagi learns at last that Kojou is the Fourth Progenitor.

Season 3[edit]

No. Title Release date[14]
OVA–1"Tartarus Rose I"
"Tarutarosu no bara I" (タルタロスの薔薇篇I)
December 19, 2018 (2018-12-19)
Strange occurrences at sea result in Itogami Island becoming isolated. Nagisa continues to suffer effects from her previous exertions. A terrorist group known as Tartarus Lapse (タルタロス・ラプス) begins operations on the island.
OVA–2"Tartarus Rose II"
"Tarutarosu no bara II" (タルタロスの薔薇篇II)
December 19, 2018 (2018-12-19)
The terrorists launch an attack upon the warehouse district. Afterward, Kojou and Himeragi meet the terrorist leader, Senga Takehito, who tries to recruit them. He reveals his beliefs about the true nature of the island, its purpose of reviving Cain, and his plans to oppose this. The final terrorist attack begins with Carly attempting to shoot Asagi. Kojou and Himeragi are intercepted by December and they begin to fight. Kojou soon gains the upper hand but when December sparks his blocked memories, he blacks out, allowing Takehito to rescue December.
OVA–3"Tartarus Rose III"
"Tarutarosu no bara III" (タルタロスの薔薇篇III)
March 27, 2019 (2019-03-27)
At Mogwai’s urging and with Motoki’s assistance, Asagi makes her way to the Keystone Gate in order to end the hacking attack upon the island’s network. Meanwhile, Kojou and Himeragi battle ineffectively against the demons unleashed by the terrorists. Sayaka and others arrive to join the fray. Kojou drinks the blood of Himeragi and Yuiri to give himself the power to win the battle. December reveals her true nature and returns the tenth familiar to him. Alone now, Takehito attempts to destroy the island’s keystone but instead, his worst fears are realised.
OVA–4"The Time of My Life I"
"Ōgon no hibi I" (黄金の日々篇I)
March 27, 2019 (2019-03-27)
OVA–5"The Time of My life II"
"Ōgon no hibi II"
May 29, 2019 (2019-05-29)
OVA–6"The Time of My life III"
"Ogon no hibi III"
May 29, 2019 (2019-05-29)


All the three volumes of the anime series' release on DVD charted among the weekly best-selling Japan's animation DVD ranking, with each compilation selling over 1,000 copies.[15][16][17] The Blu-ray discs were also among the best-selling of a week, and have sold over 4,000 copies per volume.[18][19][20]

Season three's second volume was reported to have sold over 7000 BRD copies in its first week of release.[21]


In reviewing the fifth novel, Brandon Varnell of the Fandom Post writes that it: "… Is a highly entertaining story. It has intense action, surprising plot reveals, an excellent story with high stakes, and shows off the talents of the main cast well." Elaborating on the characters, he explains, "Part of what makes this particular volume so great is that it showcases the strength of all the female characters. In other words, Kojou’s harem. [...] It’s actually these ladies who make the series really shine."[22]

In reviewing the concluding volume of manga, Richard Gutierrez of Fandom Post wrote[23]:

Although the manga concludes short since the original source material of the light novel is ongoing, we are nevertheless left with a satisfying story of watching Kojou and Yukina’s relationship flourish.

Strike the Blood has been an accomplishment for a vampire centered manga, allowing us to see one of these inhuman creatures attempt to live a normal life. While you can easily understand Kojou Akatsuki is not your typical teenager, to have a harem of charming, if not overbearing at times, beauties may be tempting, is it these girls who also surround him with trouble.

In commentary published after the first season but prior to announcement of season two, critics wrote the following about the anime:

Stig Høgset of THEM Anime describes the first season as, “An action-packed, but kind of frustrating show to watch.” and remarks on the following: The show has a relatively high standard for its action sequences. It is filled with a diverse range of terminology and technologies which can be cool or can be carried too far at times. A lack of common sense amongst the female leads, primarily due to sheltered lives they led, contributes readily to fanservice and developing harem/romance dynamics. This is the source of much of the show’s humour. Common sense aside, the females are competent and capable in their respective milieu. The season ends in a way that leaves the show open to future seasons but it won’t suffer should that not happen.[24]

AnimeNewsNetwork's Theron Martin gave the show a B rating, praising its, “Entertaining action, highly appealing female character designs, chemistry between Kojou and Yukina.” and highlighted the originality to, “...Make the male harem lead a fledgling vampire (albeit a very powerful one) who is still figuring out the ways of being a vampire.” but criticized it in that, “Most character and story elements are retreads, artistic quality control issues late in the series, how Kojou became a vampire is not sufficiently detailed.”

In describing the character designs, he wrote[25]:

While nothing about the characters or the story arcs stands out, the series does deliver quite well on the action front and does excel in one important aspect: it has an exceptionally appealing array of female character designs to surround Kojou with. Keiichi Sano, whose other prominent character design effort was Heaven's Memo Pad, strikes gold here with designs that range from merely pretty to absolutely gorgeous.

And in summary, offered the following:

Despite its lack of freshness, Strike the Blood executes well enough, and establishes a convincing enough relationship between Kojou and Yukina, that it still proves plenty entertaining. It may be built on a tried-and-true formula which has developed over the past few years, but it does not mess it up by striving for anything too grand, by deigning to inflict preachy ramblings on its audience (see Index), or by generally failing to make sense (see Asura Cryin’).

China ban[edit]

On June 12, 2015, the Chinese Ministry of Culture listed Strike the Blood among 38 anime and manga titles banned in China.[26]


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