Strike the Blood

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Strike the Blood
Cover of the first volume of the light novel volume featuring Himeragi Yukina.
(Sutoraiku za Buraddo)
GenreAction, Harem
Light novel
Written byGakuto Mikumo
Illustrated byManyako
Published byASCII Media Works
English publisher
ImprintDengeki Bunko
Original runMay 10, 2011 – present
Volumes19 (List of volumes)
Written byGakuto Mikumo
Illustrated byTate
Published byASCII Media Works
English publisher
MagazineDengeki Daioh
Original runJune 27, 2012December 26, 2016
Volumes10 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byTakao Sano
Hideyo Yamamoto
Written byHiroyuki Yoshino
Music byAssumed Sounds
StudioSilver Link
Licensed by
Original networkAT-X, Tokyo MX, MBS, CBC, BS11
English network
Original run October 4, 2013 March 28, 2014
Episodes24 (List of episodes)
Original video animation
Strike the Blood: Valkyria no Ōkoku-hen
Directed byHideyo Yamamoto
Written byHiroyuki Yoshino
Music byAssumed Sounds
StudioSilver Link
Released November 25, 2015 December 23, 2015
Runtime23 minutes
Episodes2 (List of episodes)
Original video animation
Strike the Blood II
Directed byHideyo Yamamoto
Written byHiroyuki Yoshino
Music byAssumed Sounds
StudioSilver Link
Released November 23, 2016 May 24, 2017
Runtime30 minutes
Episodes8 (List of episodes)
Original video animation
Strike the Blood III
Directed byHideyo Yamamoto
Written byHiroyuki Yoshino
Music byAssumed Sounds
Released December 19, 2018 September 25, 2019
Episodes10 (List of episodes)
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Strike the Blood (ストライク・ザ・ブラッド, Sutoraiku za Buraddo), also known in short form as SutoBura (ストブラ), is a Japanese light novel series by Gakuto Mikumo with illustrations by Manyako. A manga adaptation began serialization in June 2012 in ASCII Media Works's Dengeki Daioh. A 24-episode anime television adaptation by Silver Link and Connect aired between 4October 2013 and 28 March 2014 in Japan. An original video animation series titled Strike the Blood II was released in four volumes between November 2016 and May 2017. A third series titled Strike the Blood III began release in December 2018, and will end in September 2019.


Kojou Akatsuki is a vampire in high school who is reluctant to show his powers, and Yukina Himeragi is a teenage Sword Shaman apprentice who is sent to observe him. It takes place in the Demon District in Itogami City, a man-made island off the coast of Japan that has a freely mingling monster presence. Kojou is suspected of being the Fourth Progenitor, a powerful vampire that could potentially disrupt the balance of power among the ruling three Progenitors. Kojou and Yukina befriend various monster students, some of whom are attracted to Kojou, and whose situations drive his libido that provides the source of much of his power.


Main characters[edit]

Kojou Akatsuki (暁 古城, Akatsuki Kojō)
Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya, Mutsumi Tamura (young)
Kojou was a normal high school student 3 months prior to the beginning of the story, until becoming the 4th progenitor after his predecessor, Avrora Florestina inserted two of her ribs into his body with Kojou becoming blood-bound to her at first. He claims to remember nothing of the incident as Avrora erased his memories. When aroused, his blood lust takes over and the only way to satisfy it is to drink his own blood, usually from the nosebleeds he experiences. As a vampire, Kojou possesses superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and durability, but has far greater power than that of a normal vampire due to his status as a progenitor. He has also inherited Avrora's twelve familiars. Due to never having drank human blood, Kojou at first has no control over his powerful familiars, but after drinking an individual's blood, one familiar will acknowledge him as its master. By drinking the blood of others who have familiars, he is able to gain control over their familiar. He often blurts things out without thinking of how Yukina feels and annoys Yukina in a way unintentionally. By volume 9, he is able to control 6 of the familiars. Kojou is also lacking the 6th, 10th and 12th familiars, the 12th being in Nagisa and the 6th and 10th still have their human bodies. It is later revealed that Avrora erased his memories so he wouldn't suffer because of what she did in the past to him; involving him and his sister in that incident from where Nagisa almost died and got her fear of demonkind, and for forcing Kojou to kill her and become the Fourth Primogenitor afterwards. In Strike the Blood EX, he is presumed to be married to both Yukina and Asagi in the future; he has two daughters, Reina from Yukina and Moegi from Asagi.
Yukina Himeragi (姫柊 雪菜, Himeragi Yukina)
Voiced by: Risa Taneda
A middle-school Sword Shaman from the Lion-King organization, Yukina was sent to observe the 4th progenitor and was told to kill him if he becomes a threat. At first, Kojou tries to trick her into thinking he's the wrong person, but his strength is revealed when he intervenes in a fight between her and another vampire. She is constantly following him everywhere he goes and as a result has become very close to him, even allowing him to suck her blood in order for him to gain control over his familiars. Unknown to her, she was actually sent for this very purpose; with the organization intending for her to be his first blood partner, and even his mate. Like many others, she was supposedly sold to the Lion-King organization by her parents. Yukina is afraid of flying as shown in episode 10 with Kojou noting that Nagisa also has the same fear. Yukina often get irritated by Kojou when he somehow mention something like being with her sucks that makes Yukina upset without noticing her feelings for him. For instance in episode 10 when they were trapped on an island, he mentioned that staying there with Yukina for the rest of their lives would suck a lot angering Yukina as he just blurted out things without thinking of her feelings. Yukina is shown by the end of the first arc to have developed feelings for Kojou. She offered her blood many times to Kojou, even to resurrect him when he was pierced by Kanon as was shown in episode 12. She does not hesitate at all when it comes to Kojou showing multiple times that she does love him a lot. In episode 19 she even told him to stay by her side forever as she is always worried when Kujou is up to something stupid and risk his own life for others. In Strike the Blood EX, she is presumed to be married with Kojou and they have a daughter named Reina.
Asagi Aiba (藍羽 浅葱, Aiba Asagi)
Voiced by: Asami Seto
Asagi is Kojou's friend and classmate. She is an expert programmer and works for the Manmade Island Management Corporation. She has a crush on Kojou and she kissed him in the end of Episode 8. Despite knowing that the island is deeply connected to supernatural personalities and creatures, she had no idea that her friends are among them until Kojou and Yukina finally revealed their true identities to her in Volume 7. She is nicknamed Cyber Empress and her true identity is the Priestess of Cain. It's stated, in the short story EX, that Moegi is Kojou and Asagi's daughter.
Sayaka Kirasaka (煌坂 紗矢華, Kirasaka Sayaka)
Voiced by: Ikumi Hayama
A War Dancer (specializing in hexes and assassinations) from the Lion-King and Yukina's former roommate. She is highly over-protective towards Yukina and dislikes all men - Yukina tells Kojou that she used to screen her calls because she couldn't stand having a male voice talk to her. At first, she despises Kojou for being close to Yukina, but after she offers her blood to him (to awaken his second familiar) Sayaka begins to develop feelings for him. Like Yukina, Lion-King actually arranged the meeting between Sayaka and Kojou, intending for her to become his blood partner as well.
Natsuki Minamiya (南宮 那月, Minamiya Natsuki)
Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto
Natsuki is Kojō's English teacher and an attack mage. Despite claiming to be 26 years old, she has the appearance of a grade school girl. She is usually seen wearing a gothic lolita dress. She is one of the few people who knows that Kojou is the 4th progenitor. She is a high ranking mage and is called "The Witch of the Void". It is later revealed that she is actually the guard of the magical prison barrier that houses the most dangerous supernatural criminals; her actual body is sealed deep within the prison, while the teacher and mage everyone interacts with is actually an illusion. Kojou, Aiba, and Yaze usually call her "Natsuki-chan" despite her repeated demands to address her as "sensei."
Motoki Yaze (矢瀬 基樹, Yaze Motoki)
Voiced by: Ryōta Ōsaka
Kojou and Asagi's classmate. Motoki is also a member of the Lion-King organization and the real observer of Kojou, the 4th progenitor. He is also Asagi's childhood friend and therefore often encourages her pursuit of Kojou. He's currently going after Koyomi Shizuka and has told Kojou and Asagi that she's his girlfriend, despite having not held her hand according to Natsuki. He is an Esper who has the ability to manipulate special sound waves, but needs certain drugs or enhancers to strengthen his ability.
Nagisa Akatsuki (暁 凪沙, Akatsuki Nagisa)
Voiced by: Rina Hidaka
Nagisa is Kojou's sister. She is usually chatty with people she likes, including Yukina, who happens to be her classmate. She is the only main character who knows nothing about the supernatural incidents as the others conceal such information in order to protect her. Four years ago, she almost died after being caught up in an attack by demons, with the result having left her traumatized whenever she sees one. She is afraid of flying as noted by Kojou in episode 10. Inside her resides the remnant of Avrora's soul, the original vessel for "Root" and the previous Fourth Primogenitor, which Nagisa absorbed into herself to save Avrora from completely dying.

Saikai Academy[edit]

Kanon Kanase (叶瀬 夏音, Kanase Kanon)
Voiced by: Kanae Itō
A shy white-haired middle-school girl who is Nagisa's friend. She is the illegitimate daughter of the king of Aldegyr and was raised away from the royal court. Kanon is La Folia's biological aunt, explaining the similarity in their appearance. After he was dismissed from his position as court mage of Aldegyr, Kensei Kanase, her maternal uncle, adopted Kanon with the intention of using her in his Angel Faux experiment.
Rin Tsukishima (築島 倫, Tsukishima Rin)
Voiced by: Rei Mochizuki
Kojou's classmate and Asagi's friend.
Misaki Sasasaki (笹崎 岬, Sasasaki Misaki)
Voiced by: Ai Kayano
Nagisa's homeroom teacher.

Lion King Organization[edit]

Koyomi Shizuka (閑 古詠, Shizuka Koyomi) / Paper Noise (静寂破り(ペーパーノイズ), Pēpānoizu)
Voiced by: Kana Ueda
She is one of the 3 Saints, the leaders of the Lion King Organization. A quiet individual with long hair and glasses wearing a shrine maiden outfit, though she exudes an aura of pressure when fighting. She also attends Saikai Academy and is seen carrying a book everywhere while wearing the school's uniform, though Yukina only recognized her by her voice when she first fought her briefly as she didn't see her when first receiving her orders from the Saints. Her ability, Paper Noise, makes her able to attack anyone by altering time. She is Motoki's girlfriend, though they don't have too much free time to spend it together.

The Warlord's Empire[edit]

Dimitrie Vatler (ディミトリエ・ヴァトラー, Dimitorie Vuatorā)
Voiced by: Yūki Ono
Also known as "Lord Ardeal", he is a pure-blood vampire who is a direct descendant of the First Progenitor. He is in love with the previous Fourth Progenitor, Avrora and becomes interested in Kojou after her death. He becomes the Ambassador in the Embassy of the Warlord's Dominion after the Nalakuvera incident. As an old vampire with too much free time he is constantly seeking strong enemies to fight them and eventually consume them, and takes an special interest in Kojou as he wants to consume the Fourth Primogenitor to obtain greater power. In volume 15 he consumed Itogami Meiga and obtained a power that surpasses those of a Primogenitor, provoking that the countries from the Holy Treaty, including the 3 Dominions of the other Primogenitors, target Itogami Island seeking to completely destroy it, ignoring the people, only to end the threat he represents. This forces Kojou to finally fight him and reveal to the world, and his sister, that he is the Fourth Primogenitor.


Avrora Florestina (アヴローラ・フロレスティーナ, Avurōra Furoresutīna)
Voiced by: Kaori Ishihara
The previous Fourth Progenitor, a young girl who passed her title to Kojou after her death. She had another entity, called "Root", sealed in her who gained control of her body and would use her power for its own nefarious goals. During the ensuing fight, Akatsuki gained the temporary allegiance of several of the twelve kenjuus through bribes and upstanding display of character deemed worthy by the noble beasts. With their powers at his command and the Fourth herself fighting her mind war of dominance, they were able to prevail but the evil could not be destroyed as long as it dwells in the Fourth 's body. At this point, Akatsuki assumes incorrectly that the Fourth plans to seal herself away once again to sleep away the eternity, forever entombing herself and the evil she carries within. At this point, he offers to sleep by her side so she would never be alone in her timeless sleep. However, the Fourth used her blood compulsion to command her servant to end her life and destroy the evil in her. Thus Akatsuki was forced to destroy her heart while powerless to disobey her orders and was granted her powers as she died and his memories were altered as well by the Fourth so he does not have to suffer the pain of killing her. A portion of her soul is inside of Nagisa.
Rudolf Eustach (ルードルフ・オイスタッハ, Rūdorufu Oisutahha)
Voiced by: Kenta Miyake
A combat deacon of Lotharingia who comes to Itogami City to retrieve the right arm of a saint from the West European Church. He initially controls Astarte until his defeat at the hands of Kojou and Yukina.
Astarte (アスタルテ, Asutarute)
Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi
A homunculus that controls a Familiar. She currently serves Natsuki as a maid. She expresses little emotion and has no particular likes or dislikes. She is not talkative and always says "Accept" in a dull, robotic tone whenever her master commands her. Kojou sucks her blood towards the end of "The Right Arm of the Saint" arc to gain temporary control of her familiar.
Christoph Gardos (クリストフ・ガルドシュ, Kurisutofu Garudoshu)
Voiced by: Eizō Tsuda
The leader of the Black Death Emperor Faction and a former soldier of the Warlord's Dominion.
Mogwai (モグワイ, Moguwai)
Voiced by: Shinji Kawada
Asagi's virtual partner who assists in her hacking missions. He is actually the avatar of the supercomputers that administrate Itogami Island, and he may be closely related to Cain. One of his main priorities is to ensure Asagi doesn't die while she is on Itogami Island, going as far as stating that he will do anything to keep her safe.
La Folia Rihavein (ラ・フォリア・リハヴァイン, Ra Foria Rihavuain)
Voiced by: Saori Ōnishi
The princess of Aldegyr. She is a very beautiful silver-haired girl who is being pursued by Magnus Craft who want the blood of the Aldegyr royal family for their operations. Folia is shown to be attracted to Kujou and even offered her blood to Kojou to activate his third familiar which required two blood sources to save Kanon thus becoming his third blood partner. She kissed Kojou at the end of episode 12 as a farewell making the others shocked and filled with jealousy.
Kensei Kanase (叶瀬 賢生, Kanase Kensei)
Voiced by: Yutaka Aoyama
The leader of Magnus Craft. He is Kanon's adopted father whose younger sister is also Kanon's biological mother (making him her uncle). He was a former royal court mage at the palace of Aldegyr. He had plans to make Kanon into a weapon to defeat the Fourth Progenitor. After the Angel Faux incident, he was held at the Island Management Corporation for observation.
Beatrice Basler (ベアトリス・バスラー, Beatorisu Basurā)
Voiced by: Satomi Arai
An employee of Magnus Craft. She wields a spear containing the Familiar "Jabra".
Lowe Kirishima (ロウ・キリシマ, Rou Kirishima)
Voiced by: Yūki Hayashi
An employee of Magnus Craft. He can morph into a beast.
Yuuma Tokoyogi (仙都木 優麻, Tokoyogi Yūma)
Voiced by: Yumi Uchiyama
Kojou's childhood friend who used to play basketball with him. She is Aya's daughter and is known as the "Blue Witch". Kojou sucks her blood towards the end of "Fiesta for the Observers" arc so as to be able to defeat Aya Tokoyogi.
Aya Tokoyogi (仙都木 阿夜, Tokoyogi Aya)
Voiced by: Mikako Takahashi
Yuuma's mother and the Witch of Notaria. She is imprisoned within Itogami Demon District's prison barrier. She created a clone of herself in Yuuma and programmed her as a key to free her.
Mimori Akatsuki (暁 深森, Akatsuki Mimori)
Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi
Kojou's mother. She is the head researcher of MAR's medical department and a magic physician. She is also an Hyper Adapter. Her research at MAR involves Sybil, the Priestess of Abel, where she was forced to revive her.
Kou Amatsuka (天塚 汞, Amatsuka Kō)
Voiced by: Yūki Kaji
A homunculus alchemist who is Nina Adelard's apprentice. He wishes to become human by reviving Wiseman to restore his body.
Nina Adelard (ニーナ・アデラード, Nīna Aderādo)
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara
An alchemist with a voluptuous figure who is Kou's master.
Reina Akatsuki (暁 零菜, Akatsuki Reina)
Voiced by: Kana Asumi
The daughter of Yukina and Kojou in Strike the Blood EX. She is identical in appearance as her mother (in youth), except with a bigger bust and wields a golden lance as her familiar, Hasta Aurum. She also inherited her father's abilities as a vampire and the tendency to get nosebleeds when she gets excited. She has the same eyes as her father. She has the tendency of a natural ditz when first introduced in the series such as walking into a door thinking it was automated. Like her father she tends to address Natsuki as "Natsuki-chan". She was sent back in time 20 years to apprehend a man-made magical beast.
Moegi Akatsuki (暁 萌葱, Akatsuki Moegi)
Voiced by: Minami Tsuda
The daughter of Asagi and Akatsuki Kojou in Strike the Blood EX. She bears a similar resemblance to her mother. She was the one who operated the time machine that sent back Reina Akatsuki.
Yume Eguchi (江口結眼, Eguchi Yume)
Voiced by: Nao Toyama
A young girl who Kojou meets at a holiday resort. She is later revealed to be a succubus with a split personality and a great hidden power.
Kiriha Kisaki (妃崎霧葉, Kisaki Kiriha)
Voiced by: Yukiyo Fujii
A mysterious Priestess affiliated with the Taishikyoku organisation. She is both an antagonist and ally to Kojou with her own agenda. She wields the spear Richel Carle which gives her ability to mimic the powers of others


Light novel[edit]

Strike the Blood began as a light novel series written by Gakuto Mikumo and illustrated by Manyako. ASCII Media Works has published 16 volumes as of December 10, 2016.

No.TitleJapanese releaseEnglish release
1The Right Arm Of The Saint
Seija no migiude (聖者の右腕)
May 10, 2011[1]
ISBN 978-4-04-870267-6
September 22, 2015[2]
ISBN 978-0-31-634547-7
2From The Warlord's Empire
Sen'ō no shisha (戦王の使者)
September 10, 2011[3]
ISBN 978-4-04-870752-7
January 19, 2016[4]
ISBN 978-0-31-634549-1
3The Amphisbaena
Tenshi enjō (天使炎上)
February 10, 2012[5]
ISBN 978-4-04-886274-5
May 24, 2016[6]
ISBN 978-0-31-634551-4
4Labyrinth Of The Blue Witch
Aoki majo no meikyū (蒼き魔女の迷宮)
June 10, 2012[7]
ISBN 978-4-04-886633-0
September 27, 2016[8]
ISBN 978-0-31-634553-8
5Fiesta For The Observers
Kansoku sha tachi no utage (観測者たちの宴)
October 10, 2012[9]
ISBN 978-4-04-886899-0
January 31, 2017[10]
ISBN 978-0-31-634556-9
6Return Of The Alchemist
Renkinjutsu shi no kikan (錬金術師の帰還)
February 10, 2013[11]
ISBN 978-4-04-891407-9
May 23, 2017[12]
ISBN 978-0-31-634558-3
7Kaleid Blood
Enkō no yahaku (焔光の夜伯)
April 10, 2013[13]
ISBN 978-4-04-891555-7
September 19, 2017[14]
ISBN 978-0-31-656265-2
8The Tyrant and The Fool
Gusha to bōkun (愚者と暴君)
July 10, 2013[15]
ISBN 978-4-04-891750-6
January 23, 2018[16]
ISBN 978-0-31-644208-4
9The Black Sword Shaman
Kuro no ken'nagi (黒の剣巫)
October 10, 2013[17]
ISBN 978-4-04-866023-5
May 22, 2018[18]
ISBN 978-0-31-644210-7
10Bride of the Dark God
Kuraki shin ō no hanayome (冥き神王の花嫁)
March 8, 2014[19]
ISBN 978-4-04-866428-8
September 18, 2018[20]
ISBN 978-0-31-644212-1
11The Fugitive Fourth Primogenitor
Tōbō no dai yon shinso (逃亡の第四真祖)
September 10, 2014[21]
ISBN 978-4-04-866865-1
January 22, 2019[22]
ISBN 978-0-31-644214-5
12Knight of Sinful God
Kyūshin no kishi (咎神の騎士)
February 10, 2015[23]
ISBN 978-4-04-869254-0
May 21, 2019[24]
ISBN 978-0-31-644218-3
Tarutarosu no bara (タルタロスの薔薇)
June 10, 2015[25]
ISBN 978-4-04-865191-2
14Golden Days
Ōgon no hibi (黄金の日々)
November 10, 2015[26]
ISBN 978-4-04-865503-3
15The War Of Original Vampires
Sinso taisen (真祖大戦)
May 10, 2016[27]
ISBN 978-4-04-865944-4
16Holy Knight of the Sunset
Yōen no seikishi (陽炎の聖騎士)
December 10, 2016[28]
ISBN 978-4-04-892547-1
17Broken Holy Spear
Oreta seisō (折れた聖槍)
June 9, 2017[29]
ISBN 978-4-04-892953-0
18Truth Theory・Kingdom of Valkyria
Shinsetsu・Varukyuria no ōkoku (真説・ヴァルキュリアの王国)
November 10, 2017[30]
ISBN 978-4-04-893398-8
19Never-ending Night Banquet
Owaranai yoru no utage (終わらない夜の宴)
November 10, 2018[31]
ISBN 978-4-04-912101-8


The manga began serialization in June 2012 in ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Daioh magazine.[32] The first tankōbon volume was released on December 15, 2012.[33] Eight volumes have been released as of April 24, 2015.[34]

No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBNEnglish release dateEnglish ISBN
1 December 15, 2012[35]ISBN 978-4-04-891279-2October 27, 2015[36]ISBN 978-0-31-634560-6
2 May 27, 2013[37]ISBN 978-4-04-891685-1February 23, 2016[38]ISBN 978-0-31-634564-4
3 October 26, 2013[39]ISBN 978-4-04-866015-0May 24, 2016[40]ISBN 978-0-31-634568-2
4 March 27, 2014[41]ISBN 978-4-04-866393-9September 27, 2016[42]ISBN 978-0-31-639603-5
5 September 27, 2014[43]ISBN 978-4-04-866834-7December 20, 2016[44]ISBN 978-0-31-636185-9
6 March 27, 2015[45]ISBN 978-4-04-869298-4March 21, 2017[46]ISBN 978-0-31-646608-0
7 September 26, 2015[47]ISBN 978-4-04-865352-7June 20, 2017[48]ISBN 978-0-31-646609-7
8 April 27, 2016[49]ISBN 978-4-04865740-2September 19, 2017[50]ISBN 978-0-31-644202-2
9 September 27, 2016[51]ISBN 978-4-04-892370-5December 12, 2017[52]ISBN 978-0-31-644204-6
10 March 27, 2017[53]ISBN 978-4-04-892767-3April 17, 2018[54]ISBN 978-1-97-530013-5


A 24-episode anime adaptation produced by Silver Link and Connect began airing on October 4, 2013 on AT-X.[55][56] The series is directed by Hideyo Yamamoto with scripts by Hiroyuki Yoshino and character design by Keiichi Sano.[57] The first opening theme song is "Strike the Blood" (ストライク・ザ・ブラッド) by Kisida Kyoudan & The Akebosi Rockets, and the first ending theme song is "Strike my soul" by Yuka Iguchi. The second opening theme is "Fight 4 Real" by Altima and the second ending theme is "Signal" by Kanon Wakeshima.[58] On 3 February 2015, Discotek Media announced that they have licensed the anime and will be released subtitled-only on DVD[59] and Blu-ray Disc[60] in 2015. A 4 volume 8 episode OVA series based on the 9th light novel has been released[61] between November 21, 2016 and May 24, 2017. A third OVA season debuted on December 19, 2018, and will conclude on September 29, 2019; Silver Link did not be co-produce it with Connect, the latter of which solely animated the project, and Hideyo Yamamoto returned to direct the series.[62]

Season 1[edit]

No. Title Original air date
1"The Right Arm of the Saint I"
"Seija no Migiude Hen Ichi" (聖者の右腕篇I)
October 4, 2013 (2013-10-04)
Kojou Akatsuki, a high school student living in the Demon District of Itogami Island, is suspected of being a powerful vampire called the Fourth Progenitor. On his way home from studying, he senses that he's being followed by a girl in a Sakaki Academy middle school uniform who knows his secret and evades her. He soon sees her being harassed by two demons but she manages to fend them off with her Schneewalzer before stepping in to tell them to get lost. She leaves disgusted at him for seeing her in embarrassing situations involving her panties but Kojou finds out her name is Yukina Himeragi from her dropped wallet. The next day, he is confronted by Yukina who wants her wallet back, but gets hungry so he gives it back and asks her to treat him to lunch. Himeragi explains that she's a Sword Shaman for the Lion King Organization, an agency that sent her to observe Kojou and kill him if proven to be dangerous. He explains that he knows little of the incident that turned him into a Progenitor and that he doesn't wish to cause destruction on the island. Believing his explanation, Yukina says that she will stay on the island and continue to observe him forever. Kojou soon gets a vision of him arguing with Avrora, the previous Fourth Progenitor, telling him that she granted his wish before disappearing in front of him. The demons who harassed Himeragi are later confronted by both a young blue-haired girl and blonde-haired man with a monocle.
2"The Right Arm of the Saint II"
"Seija no Migiude Hen Ni" (聖者の右腕篇II)
October 11, 2013 (2013-10-11)
The beginning shows a flashback of the Lion King Organization telling Himeragi to observe and possibly eliminate Kojou, and then giving her the Schneewalzer. In the present, Kojou goes outside his apartment complex to find Yukina behind him, explaining that she will be living next door to him. She says that she needs to shop for her new apartment but cannot leave Kojou by himself, so he says that after finishing his make-up exams he'll accompanying her while shopping. Kojou meets with Natsuki Minamiya, his English teacher, to complete his exams, and is warned by her to steer clear of members of the Lion King Organization. After finishing Yukina's shopping necessities, he meets up with his little sister Nagisa, who met Yukina in school the day before and wants to throw a welcome party for her after she moved into their complex. While Nagisa prepares food, Himeragi and Kojou have a heartfelt conversation about Kojou's past and what he previously wanted to do with his powers as Fourth Progenitor, which changes Himeragi's opinion of him. Cleaning up after the party, Kojou tells Nagisa that he's going to the convenience store for a drink, but is stopped by a soaked Yukina who has to keep an eye on him at all times. On there way to the store, she sees a claw game filled with Nekomatan plush toys and Kojou manages to get one, but they're caught by Natsuki who asks why they are out so late. An explosion and a growing fire in the distance distracts her long enough for them to get away toward the scene. Suspecting a Familiar attack, Yukina tells Kojou to go home while she investigates. She arrives at a goods station and spots Rudolf Eustach, an exorcist from the West European Church, about to eliminate a demon. The two fight before he summons Astarte, a homunculus who releases her Familiar Rhododactylos to finish her. Himeragi realizes she's going to lose the fight and her life when Astarte is about to strike her from the side, and she wonders if Kojou would be sad if she died. Just as Astarte is delivering the finishing hit, Kojou intervenes and fights her, saving Himeragi's life. He loses an amount of blood and his body releases a huge electrical field.
3"The Right Arm of the Saint III"
"Seija no Migiude Hen San" (聖者の右腕篇III)
October 18, 2013 (2013-10-18)
The morning after the battle against the Combat Deacon and his homunculus, the town is left in ruins. The damage from the fight is all over the news and is claimed by police to be the results of a massive lightning strike. Yukina had been shocked to see how vastly Kojou's power exceeded that of the Familiar, but now she learns that Kojou can't even control his own Familiars. This is due to the fact that Kojou is a virgin vampire, meaning that he has never sucked the blood of a human and has not obtained his full power. The two encounter Motoki in town and part ways. In Kojou's class, all of the guys start talking about "the cute new girl who transferred to the middle school" (Himeragi). Natsuki calls Kojou and Himeragi to speak with her in her office. She confronts them about the explosion and tells them not to go out so late any more. Kojou and Yukina plan to find Eustach and prove that he was responsible for the defeat of the Old World vampire in order to clear Kojou of any possible criminal charges. They go to an abandon factory on the island where they suspect Eustach and Astarte are hiding. Himeragi wants to go after them alone for Kojou's sake, but he insists that he wants to be helpful and she lets him come with. In the factory, they find a laboratory for creating homunculus and are told by Astarte to leave before the island sinks and they die. Eustach appears and explains his intentions before they break out into a fight. Kojou is knocked out and Himeragi discovers that Eustach used the power of divine vibrations, a power he learned to use from Astarte's first battle with Himeragi, to make Astarte stronger than both demons and attack mages. Himeragi is knocked to the ground and Eustach is about to finish her with a swing of his battle axe when Kojou jumps in and takes the hit for her. Eustach decapitates Kojou with his axe and leaves Himeragi uninjured but crying for Kojou.
4"The Right Arm of the Saint IV"
"Seija no Migiude Hen Yon" (聖者の右腕篇IV)
October 25, 2013 (2013-10-25)
Eustach and Astarte continue their assault, finally launching an attack on the central support of the manmade island. When Kojou learns that Asagi is trapped inside, he's eager to save her, but his inability to control his own Familiars holds him in place. Unable to see him go on like this, Yukina makes a suggestion he never expected.Yukina offered her blood to Kojou to give the access to his strengthen familiars.They finally managed to reach in time and they beat Eastch.In this battle,Kojou used his fifth familiar.He also drank the blood of Astarte to get access over her familiar.
5"From the Warlord's Empire I"
"Sen'ō no Shisha Hen Ichi" (戦王の使者篇I)
November 1, 2013 (2013-11-01)
It's nearly time for the Saikai Academy ball sports tournament, and Yukina and Nagisa are all fired up to act as cheerleaders! And thanks to the workings of Motoki and Rin, Kojou and Asagi are paired up to participate in the badminton doubles match for their class. Meanwhile, Natsuki is occupied with the capture of some therianthropes that have appeared in the warehouse district, and someone is targeting the Fourth Progenitor again.
6"From the Warlord's Empire II"
"Sen'ō no Shisha Hen Ni" (戦王の使者篇II)
November 8, 2013 (2013-11-08)
Kojou and Yukina meet Dimitrie Vatler, a nobleman who shows an abnormal degree of affection toward the Fourth Progenitor, and Kirasaka Sayaka, Yukina's old friend also under the employ of the Lion King Organization. When Vatler proposes that Kojou capture some terrorists hiding out on Itogami Island and Yukina volunteers to take care of them instead, Vatler challenges Yukina to test her suitability for the task. And, though Sayaka has always been a friend of Yukina's since childhood, her behavior starts to change.
7"From the Warlord's Empire III"
"Sen'ō no Shisha Hen San" (戦王の使者篇III)
November 15, 2013 (2013-11-15)
In her excessive defense of Yukina, Sayaka launches an attack on Kojou, but he can't control his powers. Yukina's arrival prevents the situation from growing dire, but Yukina leaves them both on the school roof to think about what they've done.
8"From the Warlord's Empire IV"
"Sen'ō no Shisha Hen Yon" (戦王の使者篇IV)
November 22, 2013 (2013-11-22)
Gardos the terrorist has reawakened the ancient weapon, Nalakuvera. Kojou and Sayaka barely escape with their lives, but they fall into the depths of the manmade island. Asagi hurries to analyze and control Nalakuvera while Yukina fights a fierce battle to stop Gardos.Meanwhile,in the depths Sayaka offers her blood to Kojou to gain control over his another familiar.After their meeting with Yukina they come to know that Asagi has programmed a computer virus in order to destroy Nalakuvera. All the Nalakuveras are destroyed after a fierce battle.In the end of this episode,it is seen that Asagi has been hospitalised.After rising Asagi calls Kojou to show her earrings.And she kisses Kojou suddenly.
9"The Amphisbaena I"
"Tenshi Enjō Hen Ichi" (天使炎上篇I)
November 29, 2013 (2013-11-29)
The trouble with the Black Death Emperor Faction has been resolved. Kojou has returned to his daily life with Sayaka as a new acquaintance, but he can't decide whether or not he should reveal his vampiric nature to Asagi. It's around that time when he meets a friend of Nagisa's, Kanase Kanon, known as the middle school saint.
10"The Amphisbaena II"
"Tenshi Enjō Hen Ni" (天使炎上篇II)
December 6, 2013 (2013-12-06)
Kojou and Yukina prepare to ambush Possession Mask, the group responsible for the attacks around Itogami Island... but one of the Possession Mask members they see is Kanase Kanon.
11"The Amphisbaena III"
"Tenshi Enjō Hen San" (天使炎上篇III)
December 13, 2013 (2013-12-13)
The deserted island turns out to be a research facility owned by Magus Craft where Kanon's father, Kensei, conducts research. Kojou and Yukina are attacked by a vanguard force, but the one to save them from danger is Princess La Folia of Aldeigia, a young woman with deep connections to both Kanon and Kojou.
12"The Amphisbaena IV"
"Tenshi Enjō Hen Yon" (天使炎上篇IV)
December 20, 2013 (2013-12-20)
When Kojou is disabled in the battle with Kanon, Yukina retreats with him behind La Folia's barrier. Both Yukina and La Folia share their blood with Kojou to aid in his recovery and the awakening of a new power. They have no choice but to rush to Kanon's rescue as her ego slips beyond control and she loses her grip on her humanity.
13"Labyrinth of the Blue Witch I"
"Aoki Majo no Meikyū Hen Ichi" (蒼き魔女の迷宮篇I)
January 10, 2014 (2014-01-10)
The Halloween Festival is going to take place in the island of Itogami. Here, La Folia does not take her flight and stays in the islands after she hears that the Halloween Festival is coming up. Here Kojou meets his childhood friend Yuuma Tokoyogi. At night, Yuuma confronts him in his room. After awaking in the next morning, Kojou finds that he is feeling that his body has become light. When he sees his face in mirror he becomes astonished.
14"Labyrinth of the Blue Witch II"
"Aoki Majo no Meikyū Hen Ni" (蒼き魔女の迷宮篇II)
January 17, 2014 (2014-01-17)
15"Labyrinth of the Blue Witch III"
"Aoki Majo no Meikyū Hen San" (蒼き魔女の迷宮篇III)
January 24, 2014 (2014-01-24)
16"Fiesta for the Observers I"
"Kansokusha-tachi no Utage Hen Ichi" (観測者たちの宴篇I)
January 31, 2014 (2014-01-31)
17"Fiesta for the Observers II"
"Kansokusha-tachi no Utage Hen Ni" (観測者たちの宴篇II)
February 7, 2014 (2014-02-07)
18"Fiesta for the Observers III"
"Kansokusha-tachi no Utage Hen San" (観測者たちの宴篇III)
February 14, 2014 (2014-02-14)
19"Fiesta for the Observers IV"
"Kansokusha-tachi no Utage Hen Yon" (観測者たちの宴篇IV)
February 21, 2014 (2014-02-21)
20"Return of the Alchemist I"
"Renkinjutsushi no Kikan Hen Ichi" (錬金術師の帰還篇I)
February 28, 2014 (2014-02-28)
21"Return of the Alchemist II"
"Renkinjutsushi no Kikan Hen Ni" (錬金術師の帰還篇II)
March 7, 2014 (2014-03-07)
22"Return of the Alchemist III"
"Renkinjutsushi no Kikan Hen San" (錬金術師の帰還篇III)
March 14, 2014 (2014-03-14)
23"Empire of the Dawn I"
"Akatsuki no Teikoku Hen Ichi" (暁の帝国篇I)
March 21, 2014 (2014-03-21)
24"Empire of the Dawn II"
"Akatsuki no Teikoku Hen Ni" (暁の帝国篇II)
March 28, 2014 (2014-03-28)
OVA–1"Kingdom of the Valkyria I"
"Varukyuria no Ōkoku Zenpen" (ヴァルキュリアの王国 前篇)
November 25, 2015 (2015-11-25)
OVA–2"Kingdom of the Valkyria II"
"Varukyuria no Ōkoku Kouhen" (ヴァルキュリアの王国 後篇)
December 23, 2015 (2015-12-23)

Season 2[edit]

No. Title Release date[61]
OVA–1"Swords-Shaman of Shadow I"
"Kuro no Ken'nagi-hen I" (黒の剣巫篇I)
November 21, 2016 (2016-11-21)
OVA–2"Swords-Shaman of Shadow III"
"Kuro no Ken'nagi-hen III" (黒の剣巫篇III)
December 21, 2016 (2016-12-21)
OVA–3"The 4th Progenitor on the run II"
"Tōbō no Dai yon Shinso-hen II" (逃亡の第四真祖II)
March 29, 2017 (2017-03-29)
OVA–4"Knight of Sinful God II"
"Kyūshin no Kishi-hen II" (咎神の騎士篇II)
May 24, 2017 (2017-05-24)

Season 3[edit]

No. Title Release date[62]
OVA–1"Tartatos-Roses I"
"Tarutarosu no bara I" (タルタロスの薔薇篇 I)
December 19, 2018 (2018-12-19)


All the three volumes of the anime series' release on DVD charted among the weekly best-selling Japan's animation DVD ranking, with each compilation selling over 1,000 copies.[63][64][65] The Blu-ray discs were also among the best-selling of a week, and have sold over 4,000 copies per volume.[66][67][68]

The series received average reviews from anime critics. Rebecca Martin of Anime News Network gave it 2.5 of 5 stars, remarking that the scenes where Kojo and Yukina explain things to each other is an uninteresting delivery, but that the series had promise.[69] Carl Kimlinger found it enjoyable "in its own mediocre way", with its workmanlike take on supernatural action tropes among other things, but he also noted the "proper hints of hidden drama", innocent romance, and reasonable humor.[70] Theron Martin likened the event progression and action scenes to A Certain Magical Index, including events taking place in a city and a "secret program which forces super-powered youths into deadly battles". He found the character designs to be highly appealing, and the fan service to be existent but not the emphasis, however, he noted a drop in artistic quality in the last few episodes.[71] Chris Beveridge of The Fandom Post liked that the first episode focuses on the main two characters,[72] but some of the later episodes in the series had little impact, with important material only showing up in the final minute, leaving himself wondering what it's all about.[73] Dan Rhodes of UK Anime found the first episodes to be "a bit by the numbers". The voice acting was competent, although some of the supporting characters were questionable. He found the series well-animated, but not groundbreaking.[74] Karen Mead of Japanator did not see much vampire focus in the first episode; she likened the series to "a poor man's Fate/Stay Night". She thought Yukina's panty obsession was boring, and plans to drop the series if that becomes a recurring gimmick.[75] Richard Eisenbeis of Kotaku liked the story's setting of how easy the world can go out of control, but disliked the harem anime clichés beyond the first story arc, and the one-dimensional, obviously outclassed villains that were expected to be more of a threat for an action anime.[76]

China ban[edit]

On June 12, 2015, the Chinese Ministry of Culture listed Strike the Blood among 38 anime and manga titles banned in China.[77]


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