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Striker or The Strikers may refer to:


People with surname Striker[edit]

  • Eric Striker (born c. early 1990s), American football linebacker for the Oklahoma Sooners
  • Fran Striker (1903–1962), American writer for radio and comics
  • Gisela Striker (born 1943), professor of Philosophy and Classics at Harvard University
  • Jake Striker (1933–2013), former left-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball
  • Joseph Striker (1898–1974), American actor
  • Matt Striker (born 1974), WWE wrestler
  • "Mighty Striker", Trinidadian calypsonian Percival Oblington (1930–2011), also known simply as 'Striker'
  • Striker (gamer), handle of Overwatch player Kwon Nam-joo

Entertainment and fiction[edit]





  • Strikers, initial North American release name for the Spriggan manga series
    • Strikers, another name for Spriggans characters in the Spriggan manga series
  • Striker (video game), a 1992 football video game for numerous systems
  • Striker (miniatures game), a 1981 wargame in the Traveller Universe
  • Striker, a type of character in the King of Fighters video game series
  • Mario Strikers, a series of soccer video games published by Nintendo with Mario franchise characters
  • Striker, a sub-class of the Titan character class in the Destiny franchise



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