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Striker's Den is an indoor sports facility in San Jose, California. Striker's Den covers 70,000 sq. ft. within the Silver Creek Sportsplex, and consists of two large indoor soccer fields (180'x85'), two small arenas (80' x 50'), and over 9000 sq. ft. of matted area that is used for martial arts and as the home of a secondary business, LOL Parties.


Sriker's Den was founded by David Silva in March 2007.[1] David had first starting worked on the project with David Maley, founder of Rollin' Ice (a roller hockey business Maley founded after retiring from the NHL) during the development stage of Silver Creek Sportsplex in 2004. In early 2006 David Maley decided to go with a different candidate, Andrew Rolli, to lead the soccer portion of the business. After years of planning and working with the city to get the land rezoned and approved for construction the Silver Creek Sportsplex was built with Rollin' Ice on the North end of the business covering ~ 80,000 sq. ft. and Club One Fitness on the South End of the building covering ~ 150,000 sq. ft. In the middle the soccer area was left empty (1 large field and 2 small fields) as negotiations between Andrew, Andrew's partner Off The Wall Soccer, and David Maley stalled.

In March 2007 David Maley called David Silva and asked him if he was interested in coming back into the project. Silva had spent the previous year setting up MVP Arena, a smaller facility in North San Jose, which had grown successfully, but was limited in ability to serve the community. David Silva talked tried to broker a deal between MVP Arena and Silver Creek Sportsplex to manage the business, but when his partners at MVP Arena did not show interest he left and joined David Maley to create Striker's Den in March 2007.

By April 2007 The first leagues were started. First Thursday night men's league, then Monday co-ed, then Tuesday Over 35.
A Wednesday men's league was started in May, and Sunday Women's league in June.
In June the two smaller field were torn down to make way for a second large field.
In September the new large field was finished and all leagues expanded.
In late October the small fields were added back in a new area which was designated primarily for youth training, league play, and most of all a new business unit, LOL Parties, which was created by David and his wife Monica Silva

In March 2008, a year after David started Striker's Den (50,000 sq. ft. and LOL Parties (20,000 sq. ft.) was finally completely and ready to go into full activity.


The primary activity at Striker's Den is indoor soccer league play. Most of the leagues are adult and play at night. In Winter youth leagues are formed primarily for competitive players, along with a recreational training program. A Lacrosse league was started in Summer of 2008 and continues to this day. An indoor flag football league enjoyed one season in Spring of 2008, but has not returned

Regular Schedule[edit]

Sunday Evening - Women's League Monday Evening - Co-ed League Tuesday Evening - Men's 35+ League Wednesday Evening - Men's League / Women's League Thursday Evening - Men's League Friday Evening - Co-ed's Recreational League

Saturday and Sunday during Winter there are youth leagues. In Spring to Fall while the kids are primarily playing sports outside the fields are used for parties and special events run through LOL Parties.