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This article is about miniatures game. For video game, see Striker (video game).

The miniatures game Striker was a science fiction tactical wargame that was published by Game Designers' Workshop in 1981 as a boxed expansion to the Traveller role-playing game.[1] It was notable for attempting to cover a broad range of technological levels and having an intricate "engineering" style of vehicle design by the player using formulas and tables. The combat rules were an elaboration on the rules introduced in the Azhanti High Lightning game, using a 2D6 mechanic very different from the original "Traveller" rules. A later game, Striker II, was based on the systems in GDW's Command Decision World War II rules and tied to the role-playing game Traveller: The New Era.

The game used 15mm scale figures that were produced by the now defunct Martian Miniatures.* All of the major Traveller races were represented, including Zhodonie, Aslan, and Imperial humans. The game enjoyed popularity in the early 1980s but was quickly eclipsed by new products by rival companies like Fasa's Battletech and Games Workshop's Warhamer 40k. One reason for its decline may have been the rules mechanics which attempted to combine the decision making of a roleplaying game with the tactical maneuverings of a miniatures war-game. The result of this fusion was seen as a "worst of both worlds" situation which left players looking for a more streamlined game.

  • The range of figures made by RAFM for Striker are still available, just not in their Striker unit compositions.


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