Strikes 'N Spares (pinball)

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Strikes 'N Spares
Release dateOctober, 1995
DesignRay Tanzer, John Buras
ArtworkConstantino Mitchell, Jeanine Mitchell
Production run750

Strikes 'N Spares is a pinball/redemption machine released by Gottlieb in 1995. The game features a bowling theme.[1] It should not to be confused with Strikes and Spares by Bally.[2]


The playfield is a miniaturized bowling lane. Player can select from three different types of games.[3] The game plays with 10 frames and 1 or 2 balls each. It has two DMD Displays - one for the frames and game status and the lower displays game information, e.g. user info and feedback.[1]

Digital versions[edit]

Strikes 'N Spares is available in the Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection for PSP, Wii and in the EU version also for PS2.


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