Striped marlin

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Striped marlin
Stripe marlin right off the coast of Carrillo.jpg
Hooked striped marlin
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Istiophoriformes
Family: Istiophoridae
Genus: Kajikia
K. audax
Binomial name
Kajikia audax
  • Histiophorus audax Philippi {Krumweide}, 1887
  • Istiophorus audax (Philippi {Krumweide}, 1887)
  • Makaira audax (Philippi {Krumweide}, 1887)
  • Marlina audax (Philippi {Krumweide}, 1887)
  • Tetrapturus audax (Philippi {Krumweide}, 1887)
  • Tetrapturus mitsukurii D. S. Jordan & Snyder, 1901
  • Kajikia mitsukurii (D. S. Jordan & Snyder, 1901)
  • Makaira mitsukurii (D. S. Jordan & Snyder, 1901)
  • Marlina mitsukurii (D. S. Jordan & Snyder, 1901)
  • Makaira zelandica D. S. Jordan & Evermann, 1926
  • Makaira audax zelandica D. S. Jordan & Evermann, 1926
  • Marlina zelandica (D. S. Jordan & Evermann, 1926)
  • Makaira grammatica D. S. Jordan & Evermann, 1926
  • Makaira holei D. S. Jordan & Evermann, 1926
  • Tetrapturus ectenes D. S. Jordan & Evermann, 1926
  • Kajikia formosana Hirasaka & H. Nakamura, 1947
  • Makaira formosana (Hirasaka & H. Nakamura, 1947)
  • Tetrapturus tenuirostratus Deraniyagala, 1951
  • Makaira tenuirostratus (Deraniyagala, 1951)
  • Marlina jauffreti J. L. B. Smith, 1956

The striped marlin (Kajikia audax) is a species of marlin found in tropical to temperate Indo-Pacific oceans not far from the surface. It is a desirable commercial and game fish with a record weight (in 1982) of over 200 kg (440 lb) and a maximum length of 4.2 m (13.8 ft). The striped marlin' is a predator that hunts during the day in the top 100 m or so of the water column, often near the surface. One of their chief prey is sardines.

Sustainable consumption[edit]

In 2010, Greenpeace International has added the striped marlin to its seafood red list. [2]


Capture of striped marlin in tonnes from 1950 to 2009
Tetrapturus audax.jpg


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