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Strobe usually refers to a strobe light, which flashes light in regular intervals.

Strobe or STROBE may also refer to:

  • Flash (photography)
  • Strobe tuner, a type of very accurate tuning device used to tune musical instruments and audio devices
  • Infrared Strobe, a device used to identify friendly soldiers, and or to mark enemy targets
  • Strengthening the reporting of observational studies in epidemiology
  • Strobe (Electronics), an auxiliary signal used to help synchronize the real data in an electrical bus when the bus components have no common clock. It can also indicate the start/end of a block of data. The strobe can be encoded with a different potential or time-length in the physical data wire. Sometimes the strobe can use a dedicated physical wire in the bus (example, the strobe pin in the parallel bus).
  • strobe.c, The first freely distributed TCP 'half-open' portscanner, written by Julian Assange in 1995 in the C programming language.[1]
  • Strobe Media Playback (SMP), a media player by Adobe Systems based on their Open Source Media Framework (OSMF)
  • Strobe, an album by Side Walk Slam under the name Rob Walker
  • "Strobe" (instrumental), a 2009 instrumental by deadmau5 from For Lack of a Better Name