Strojimir of Serbia

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Strojimir of Serbia
Strojimir Vlastimirović
Prince / Archont / Knez
of Serbs / Serbia
Seal of Strojimir.gif
Prince of Serbia (co-ruler)
Reign 851-880s
Predecessor Vlastimir
Successor Mutimir (sole)
Full name
Strojimir Vlastimirović
House Vlastimirović
Father Vlastimir
Born between 880 and 896[1]
Religion Eastern Christianity

Strojimir Vlastimirović or Strojimir of Serbia (Serbian: Стројимир Властимировић, Greek: Στροἠμιρ, Στροἠμηρος, Latin: Stroemerus) was the co-ruler of the Serbian Principality alongside his two brothers Mutimir and Gojnik, from ca 851 to his and Gojnik's deposition in the 880s after an unsuccessful coup against the eldest Prince Mutimir (r. 851-891).

He was a younger son of Vlastimir, Knez of Serbia (r. ca 836-851).


Strojimir, together with his brothers Gojnik and Mutimir, defeated the Bulgar Army sent by Boris I, led by his son Vladimir, who, together with 12 boyars was captured by the Serb Army. Peace was subsequently agreed and the two sons of Mutimir; Pribislav and Stefan Mutimirović escorted prisoners towards the border at Rasa. There Boris gave them rich gifts and was given 2 slaves, 2 falcons, two dogs, and 80 furs by Mutimir.[2]

After power struggle between the younger brothers and Mutimir, he and Gojnik was captured and sent as prisoners to Bulgar Khan Boris I in 855-856, as a token of peace-agreement, they both lost their titles as Princes of Serbia and were held at Pliska, the Bulgarian capital. Strojimir was treated well by the Bulgarians, Khan Boris himself chose the wife of Klonimir Strojimirović, the son of Strojimir.

Seal of Strojimir[edit]

On July 11, 2006, A Golden seal of Strojimir dated to 855-896 was bought by the Serbian state from an auction in Munich, Germany, by an unknown Russian. It was sold for a total 20,000 €, outpaying the Bulgarian offer of 15,000 €. It is of Byzantine handcraft (from Athens, Thessaloniki or Constantinople), weighs 15,64 g, has a Patriarchal cross in the center and Greek inscriptions that say: "God help Strojimir" (CTPOHMIP)"[1][3]

Strojimir of Serbia
Born: 830s Died: 880-896
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Prince of Serbia
Served alongside: Mutimir and Gojnik
Succeeded by
as sole ruler of Serbia