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Kevin Alderman
Other namesStroker Serpentine
OccupationVirtual Sex Entrepreneur

Kevin Alderman, founder of Eros LLC, is the creator of the avatar of Stroker Serpentine in the virtual world of Second Life.[1]


Alderman, originally a plumbing contractor, first created a presence in the adult-only virtual world of Seducity as "Stroker". Motivated by the sale of virtual goods between residents and the ability to retain intellectual property rights, Alderman registered a user account in Second Life in November 2003 and created his avatar.

Strokerz Toyz still operates as an outlet for adult virtual animation devices within Second Life.[2]

Alderman later listed his Amsterdam simulator in March 2007 on eBay for a sum of $50,000.[3]

In August 2008 Eross LLC received USPTO trademark registration number 3,483,253 for "SexGen".

On May 2, 2011, Alderman and his family were featured in the National Geographic Channel series Taboo episode "Fantasy Lives".[4]

Currently, Alderman has returned to Second Life to attempt to rebuild his business. He is asking for collaborations in work even with his past distribution of other creators content against their initial agreement with those people.

Legal Action[edit]

Near the weekend of July 4, 2007, Alderman's company Eros LLC filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against a Second Life avatar named Volkov Catteno, temporarily named "John Doe" in court documents, for copying and reselling his virtual SexGen beds. Through several subpoenas served to Linden Lab, PayPal, AT&T and Charter Communications, Volkov Catteno was identified as Robert Leatherwood of Azle, Texas.[5]

Later that same year in October 2007, Alderman spearheaded a six-person lawsuit against New York native Thomas Simon (aka Raze Kenzo in Second Life) for unauthorized copying, resale, and distribution of the platintiffs' virtual products. The suit alleged that Simon duplicated and resold various types of content from several different Second Life content creators.[6]

Eros, LLC and Shannon Grei brought forth a class action suit in US District Court in Northern California against Linden Research, Inc on September 15, 2009 (Case4:09-cv-04269-PJH). Court papers allege the defendants knowingly and profitably turned a blind's eye to copyright and trademark violations within the Second Life service.[7][8]

On Sept 28, 2011, Stroker released his Sexgen v5.0 bed for free, with full permissions, meaning that anyone can copy it for any use including resale. This act was done without the consent of several parties involved in the creation of the Sexgen v5.0. Although there was mention of filing a DMCA Takedown order, there is no mention in the article of any being filed.[9]


In September 2008 he partnered with developer OhMibod[10] to create an interface that would allow avatars within the virtual world of Second Life to remotely actuate the OhMiBod device of another Internet partner. The teledildonic application utilized a heads up display or HUD to play customized soundtracks to enhance avatar to avatar cybersex. The OhMiBod interface has since been abandoned for use in Second Life due to aggressive enforcement [11] of the broad teledildonics patent.

Motion Capture[edit]

Alderman expanded his interests in virtual world development by founding StroCap Studios in 2007 as a subsidiary of Eros LLC. By combining the resources of StroCap and Motionwerx, Alderman utilizes innovative gyroscopic inertial systems[12] and motion capture optical systems to provide platform developers and virtual world entrepreneurs with realistic character animations.


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