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Strom may refer to:


  • 8408 Strom (1995 SX12), a main-belt asteroid discovered on September 18, 1995 by Spacewatch at Kitt Peak


  • Strom, Virginia, an unincorporated community in Botetourt County, Virginia, United States
  • Strom (Ucker), a river of Brandenburg, Germany
  • Strom Glacier, a steep valley glacier flowing from the north side of Mount Fridtjof Nansen to the head of the Ross Ice Shelf
  • Strom Lake, a lake in Minnesota


  • Allen Axel Strom (c.1914–1997), Australian environmental educator and naturalist
  • Brent Strom (born 1948), a former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Brock Strom (born 1934), a former American football player
  • David Strom (born 1964), Research Director at the Emmer for Governor Campaign
  • Earl Strom (1927–1994), American professional basketball referee
  • Harry Strom (1914–1984), the ninth Premier of Alberta, Canada, from 1968 to 1971
  • Jeff Strom, a football (soccer) player who represented New Zealand at international level
  • Karl Morin-Strom (born 1952), a former politician in Ontario, Canada
  • Kevin Alfred Strom (born 1956), American founder of the National Vanguard (American organization)
  • Lyle Elmer Strom (born 1925), a United States federal judge
  • Mark Strom (born 1982), a Mexican American professional basketball player
  • Rick Strom (American football), American former quarterback in the NFL
  • Rick Strom (music), American music producer
  • Stephanie Strom, American journalist, correspondent for The New York Times
  • Strom Thurmond (1902–2003), American politician
  • Virginia Strom-Martin (born 1948), American politician, served in the California state Assembly
  • Yale Strom, American Klezmer violinist, amateur ethnomusicologist, documentarist, and writer



  • "Strom" (song), song by Die Toten Hosen from the album In aller Stille

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