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Stroma may refer to:


  • Stroma (tissue), the connective, functionally supportive framework of a biological cell, tissue, or organ (in contrast, the parenchyma is the functional aspect of a tissue)
    • Stroma of ovary, a soft tissue, well supplied with blood, consisting of spindle-shaped cells with a small amount of connective tissue
    • Stroma of iris, fibres and cells in the iris
    • Stroma of cornea, plates of collagen fibrils in the cornea
    • Lymph node stromal cell, cells which provide a scaffold for other lymph node cells
    • Stroma of red blood cell, encloses Hemoglobin proteins within the red blood cell.
  • Stroma (fluid), the fluid in between grana, where carbohydrate-formation reactions occur in the chloroplasts of plant cells photosynthesizing. It is the structure joining two or more grana
  • Stroma (mycology), the dense structural tissue that produces fruiting bodies; made of non-vegetative (asexual) hyphae
  • Stromal cell, a connective tissue cell of any organ, supports the function of the parenchymal



  • Freddie Stroma (born 1987), British actor known for playing Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Stroma Buttrose (born 1929), Australian architect


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