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Origin Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Genres Futurepop
Industrial rock
Years active 1994–present
Labels Kodex/Sushia Light
WTII Records
Associated acts Iris, The Mighty Chouffe
Members Ned Kirby
Leone Buchieri
Dan Clark
Andrew Sega
Past members Kelly Shaffer
Rob Wentz
Tyler Newman
Chuck Spencer
Vince Grech

Stromkern is an American band that blends electronic music and hip-hop. The band was formed in 1994 by James "Ned" Kirby.[1]

Kirby was originally a DJ in Madison, Wisconsin as a teenager, experimenting under the moniker "Flowers for Ravers" before founding Stromkern. Disenchanted with the music he was receiving as a DJ, he decided to start his own band. His early compositions included the German-language "Konzentrationslager" and "Aussicht vom Rande der Nacht" as well as a cover of Nick Cave's "The Mercy Seat", all of which found favor on compilations. He was soon signed to German label Kodex/Sushia Light, and the resulting CD "Flicker Like a Candle" announced Stromkern to the club music scene. Stromkern now records for dependent in Europe and WTII Records in North America.

After two successful albums and several singles as essentially a solo artist, Kirby recruited musician/producer and friend Leone Buchieri to join the lineup for "Armageddon." Additional live members Matt Berger, Rob Wentz and later Tyler Newman (of Battery Cage and Informatik) joined the band for the recording of "Light it Up." The most recent live line-up includes Kirby and Buchieri, along with Dan Clark and Andrew Sega (of Iris and The Alpha Conspiracy).




Other Releases[edit]

  • The songs "Can't Believe" and "Slow Cascade" are featured in the Xbox 360 game Crackdown
  • The song "Stand Up (Extended Mix) is featured in the video game Project Gotham Racing 3. Other notable acts on the soundtrack are, Covenant, Auto Aggression, Mindless Faith, and DeathBoy.
  • J Ned Kirby provides vocals on the track Accelerating on the 2004 album Aura by The Alpha Conspiracy, and also lends his talents on two albums by the band Cycloon (titled Head|Over|Now (2000) and Zeitseize (2002) ). The tracks from the Cycloon albums are: Inheritance, New Patterns, Nemesis and Scars of Obedience; for some time lyrics to these were provided on the Stromkern homepage.[2]