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LocationOppland, Norway
Coordinates60°58′35″N 09°08′14″E / 60.97639°N 9.13722°E / 60.97639; 9.13722Coordinates: 60°58′35″N 09°08′14″E / 60.97639°N 9.13722°E / 60.97639; 9.13722
Basin countriesNorway
Surface area13.24 km2 (5.11 sq mi)
Surface elevation355 m (1,165 ft)

Strondafjorden (English: Stronda Fjord)[1] is a lake which lies in the municipalities of Nord-Aurdal and Vestre Slidre in Oppland county, Norway. The lake is part of the Begna watershed. The northwest end of the lake is crossed by the Ulnes Bridge.

It has an area of 13.24 km² and is 46.01 km around. It lies at an elevation of 355 m above sea level.