Strong Notrump After Passing (SNAP)

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Strong Notrump After Passing (SNAP) is a contract bridge bidding convention originated by Jeremy Flint and Tony Priday [1] and is a one notrump bid by a passed hand in response to a one-level opening by his partner. It shows a relatively balanced hand with 9-12 points and no five-card major. The convention is intended to keep the contract at a low level when opener has a light or minimum hand. Accordingly, its application is more suited to part-score competitive bidding in Matchpoint scoring.

When using SNAP, a 2NT response shows a balanced limit jump raise in opener's suit.


Responding hands containing 6-8 points are problematic, especially if partner opens in spades. Some 6 point hands are passed and some 8 point hands are bid at the two-level.

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