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Also known asIkthus (1991–1993)
OriginPompano Beach, Florida, US
GenresChristian hardcore,[1] Christian metal[2]
Years active1993–1998, 2000
LabelsTooth & Nail, Solid State, Blood and Ink (affiliated)
Past membersNick Dominguez
Joshua Colbert
Chris Carbonell
Chad Neptune
Jason Berggren
Bob Franquiz
Steve Kleisath
Matt Fox
Matt Fletcher

Strongarm was a five-piece Christian and straight edge hardcore band, formed in Pompano Beach, Florida. They were one of the first "Spirit-Filled" hardcore bands, along with Unashamed, Overcome, Focused and Zao.


The band started in 1990–1991[which?] as the band Ikthus with the lineup of vocalist Dave Bean, guitarist Jason Berggren, drummer Chris Carbonell and bassist Matt.[3] Bean and Matt later left, leaving Carbonell and Berggren to keep it going.[3]

Carbonell and Berggren hired guitarist Joshua Colbert, bassist Chad Neptune and later guitarist Nick Dominguez.[3] The band originally planned on signing to Victory Records, but eventually settled on Tooth & Nail Records.[3] The band recorded Atonement in 1995 before the departure of Carbonell and Dominguez.[3]

The band hired on guitarist Bob Franquiz and drummer Steve Kleisath.[3] About six months after the departure of Carbonell and Dominguez, Franquiz and Berggren left the band.[3] Both Carbonell and Domiguez rejoined the band,[3] while leaving Kleisath on drums and Carbonell taking over vocals, for the first time.[3]

The band released Advent of a Miracle in 1997.[3] The band disbanded in 1998, with all the members, with the exception of Carbonell, forming Further Seems Forever.[3]

A post on Strongarm's website directs fans to Further Seems Forever,[4] the members' new band.[5]

In 2000, the band reunited for Furnace Fest. On the song "Trials", they had their friend and Shai Hulud guitarist Matt Fox on drums.[5]

In 2009, there was a tribute show at Cornerstone Festival, which caused some controversy.[6]

In July 2010, Blood and Ink Records released Strongarm's, Atonement on vinyl.[7]

Original vocalist Jason Berggren was featured on a song, "The Call", by fellow Christian hardcore band, Venia.[8]


Final line-up

  • Nick Dominguez - rhythm guitar (1993-1995, 1996-1998) (formerly of Tension, formerly of Endure)
  • Joshua Colbert - lead guitar (1993–1998) (formerly of Endure)
  • Chris Carbonell - drums (1993-1995), vocals (1996-1998) (formerly of Age of Awakening)[9]
  • Chad Neptune - bass (1993–1998)
  • Steve Kleisath - drums (1995-1998) (formerly of Shai Hulud, formerly of PULL)


  • Jason Berggren - vocals (1993-1996)
  • Bob Franquiz - rhythm guitar (1995)
  • Dave Bean - vocals (as Ikthus) (1993)
  • Matt Fletcher - bass (as Ikthus) (1993) (Shai Hulud)


  • Matt Fox - drums (1994, 2000) (Shai Hulud)




  • 1993: Strongarm (First Street Records)
  • 1993: These Times That Try Men's Souls


Studio albums


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