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Temporal range: Ordovician–Silurian
Brachiopoda - Strophomena euglypha.JPG
Strophomena euglypha from Silurian period
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Brachiopoda
Class: Strophomenata
Order: Strophomenida
Family: Strophomenidae
Genus: Strophomena
Blainville 1825
Strophomena costellata from Bromide Formation, Oklahoma, USA

Strophomena is a genus of brachiopods belonging to the order Strophomenida family Strophomenidae, named by Rafinesque in 1824. They were stationary epifaunal suspension feeders.

These brachiopods (often known as lamp shells) lived from the Ordovician period in the Lower Llanvim age to the Silurian period in the Lower Llandovery age.


Devonian of Italy, Silurian to Devonian of Algeria, Morocco; Silurian of Australia, Morocco, Russia, Sweden, United States; Ordovician of Australia, Canada, China, France, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, United States; Llandeilo of China; Whiterockian of United States; Dawan of China; Arenig of China.


  • Strophomena amoena
  • Strophomena billingsi
  • Strophomena concordensis
  • Strophomena costellata
  • Strophomena dignata
  • Strophomena extensa
  • Strophomena euglypha
  • Strophomena filitexta
  • Strophomena fluctuosa
  • Strophomena hecuba,
  • Strophomena hirundo
  • Strophomena incurvata
  • Strophomena lenta
  • Strophomena minuta
  • Strophomena nutans
  • Strophomena orthonurensis
  • Strophomena perconcava
  • Strophomena planumbona
  • Strophomena plattinensis
  • Strophomena rhomboidalis
  • Strophomena striatissima
  • Strophomena vetusta

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