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Stroud pound

The Stroud Pound is a local currency in use in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Unveiled on 12 September 2009, the scheme is the third local currency scheme introduced in England in recent years after the Totnes Pound and the Lewes Pound.[1]


Launched on 12 September 2009,[2][3] the scheme is an initiative of the local Transition Towns group. Unlike the Totnes Pound and the Lewes Pound, the scheme is based on the Chiemgauer, a community currency circulating in the Chiemgau region of Bavaria, Germany since 2003. As of April 2010, 30 businesses in Gloucestershire are enrolled in the programme.[4]

On the day of the launch, local currency with a face value of over 1,000 Stroud Pounds was sold.[5]

However, in 2011 only £4000 worth of Stroud pounds were issued. Some local businesses complained about the hassle and said customers still supported them but preferred to use sterling.[6]

The website is no longer live, suggesting that the project has been terminated.

Currency design[edit]

Stroud Pounds are available in four denominations: £1, £2, £5 and £10. All feature Philippa Threlfall's 1972 mural "Buildings of Stroud" and a Fuller's teasel (Dipsacus sativus) on the front, and various images of local significance (including local celebrities, landscapes, flora and fauna) on the back. The highest denomination features Laurie Lee.[7] Designs are printed in bright colours on watermarked security paper.


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