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The structure of a thing is how the parts of it relate to each other, how it is "assembled".

Structure may also refer to:




  • Structural art, examples of structural engineering that attain excellence in the three areas of efficiency, economy, and elegance


  • Canopy (biology) structure, organization or three-dimensional geometry of a plant canopy
  • Community (ecology) structure, ecological organization of a biological community
  • Structure (journal), a scientific journal describing protein structures
  • Structure, a journal on form and function in modern biology




  • Structural geology, the three dimensional distribution of rock bodies and their planar or folded surfaces, and their internal fabrics

Computer science[edit]

  • Data structure, a way of storing data in a computer so that it can be used efficiently


Social sciences and linguistics[edit]



  • Dramatic structure, the way dramatic works, such as plays or films, are organized
  • Narrative structure, the order and manner in which a narrative is presented to a reader, listener, or viewer


  • Financial structure, the area of finance dealing with monetary decisions that business enterprises make and the tools and analysis used to make these decisions
    • Capital structure, the way a corporation finances its assets through a combination of equity, debt, or hybrid securities
    • Structured finance, a sector of finance created to help provide increased liquidity or funding sources to markets


Other uses[edit]

  • Structure, the former name for the Express Men clothing brand

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