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The Štip-Strumica dialect on the map of the Macedonian dialects

The Strumica (Macedonian: Струмички дијалект, Strumicki dijalekt) is a dialect of the Macedonian language. It is member of the center subgroup of the eastern group of the Macedonian dialects. This dialect is mainly spoken in the south-eastern part of Macedonia, respectively in Strumica and in the surrounding areas. The main characteristic is continuing the vowel.


  • Continuing the vowel (каде ќе одиш > дек ќе оош)
  • Dropping the vowel (полна > п'лна)
  • Use of the preposition у (во градот > у градо)

Personal Pronouns[edit]


  • Јас (I)
  • Ти (You)
  • Он (He)
  • Она (She)
  • Оно (It)


  • Нии (We)
  • Вии (You)
  • Они (Тии) (They)