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Music Instruments
Industry Guitar Effects Pedals
Founded 2008
Headquarters Westlake Village, California, United States
Parent Damage Control Engineering

Strymon is a brand of boutique guitar effects pedals manufactured by Damage Control Engineering. They are best known for their line of high end pedals that integrate DSP algorithms. The company is based in Westlake Village, California, and manufactures their products in the US.


The Strymon product line includes several guitar effects pedals, including distortion, Delay,[1] Reverb,[2] Chorus,[3] Flanger and Compressor.[4]

Effects Pedals[edit]

  • blueSky - Plate, room and spring reverb, with modulation and shimmer modes
  • BRIGADIER - Bucket-brigade driven analog simulated delay
  • El Capistan - DSP-driven pedal that recreates the sound and characteristics of several tape echo machines
  • Flint - Dual pedal that emulates vintage tremolo and reverb circuits
  • Ola - DSP-driven, bucket-brigade style chorus and vibrato effects pedal
  • Orbit - DSP-driven, bucket-brigade style flanger pedal
  • OB.1 - Analog optical compressor and clean boost pedal
  • Lex - DSP-driven pedal that recreates the sound of a rotary speaker and horn
  • Tap Favorite - Preset select and tap tempo switch
  • TimeLine - DSP-driven delay pedal with 12 delay types, numerous parameters, looping capability, and preset storage. Features MIDI in & out
  • Mobius - Modulation pedal with 12 mod types, numerous parameters, and preset storage, features MIDI in & Out
  • BigSky - Reverb pedal with 12 reverb types, numerous parameters, and preset storage, features MIDI in & out
  • DECO - DSP-driven dual pedal that emulates tape saturation and a double track tape machine
  • MultiSwitch - An extended controller for the TimeLine, Mobius, and BigSky pedals
  • DIG - Simultaneous, rack voiced, dual integrated digital delay
  • Riverside - A hybrid JFET/DSP drive pedal.

Discontinued Products[edit]

  • Favorite switch - Preset select switch


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