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Written byEnnio di Majo
Directed byEnzo Trapani
StarringTony Renis
Angelo Branduardi
Amanda Lear
Grace Jones
Patty Pravo
Anna Oxa
Country of origin Italy
Original language(s)Italian, English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes6
Producer(s)Alberto Testa, Enzo Trapani, Carla Vistarini
Running time70 minutes
Original networkRai 2
Picture formatColor
Original releaseOctober 15 –
November 26, 1978

Stryx was an Italian TV series, aired in 1978 on Rai 2.


Stryx thematically referred to Hell, devils and underworld. The scenography featured elements resembling Middle Ages-like gloomy castles and caves.

The show featured acting as well as musical performances from such artists as Amanda Lear, Asha Puthli, Grace Jones or Patty Pravo. The musical part was divided into a number of smaller parts, with each part featuring a performance from one specific artist, for example Asha Puthli in "Indian Stryx", Amanda Lear in Sexy Stryx or Grace Jones in Rumstryx. The show was produced in the disco era, therefore this genre dominates the musical background of Stryx.

The show caused many controversies in more conservative societies, mainly because of its devilish theme and referring to underworld as well as exposing nudity. Due to numerous protests the show was taken off the broadcast and the production of following episodes was cancelled. Apart from six known episodes there exists also the seventh one, which has never been officially aired on television.




  • Enzo Trapani - director
  • Ennio di Majo - script
  • Gianna Sgarbossa - costumes
  • Tony De Vita - music
  • Renato Greco - choreography
  • Enzo Torroni - light