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Stu Campbell (born 1981), also known as Sutu, is an Australian comic book artist, writer and interactive designer. He is best known as the creator of the webcomic Nawlz, an interactive episodic cyber punk comic book series. He is perhaps most noted for his community work with Big Hart’s Yijala Yala project[1] where he adapted Australian Aboriginal stories into interactive iPad storybooks and created the interactive comic NEOMAD,[2] producing a space opera based in the Australian outback. Sutu also created the augmented reality comic book Modern Polaxis.[3]

In 2014 Campbell was the subject of the ABC documentary Cyber Dreaming,[4] and was a prominent part of the documentary How do we get to space? with his NEOMAD team.


Campbell began his career as a Senior Interactive Designer for Sprint Interactive in 2000, and designed for Suicide Girls, Force Industries, Movement, and Mooks fashion labels. He worked on a range of installations for the National Museum of Australia, including the Harvest Scroll installation as Senior Interactive Designer for Isnt Media.

In 2007 Campbell began working for the Australian Defence Force, as a Creative Director and User Experience Designer working on MRH-90 helicopter simulation and computer based learning software. Campbell developed the online interactive comic Nawlz in 2008. Nawlz consists of 24 episodes spanning two seasons. In 2012 Nawlz Season 1 was ported to the iPad.

The project development for NEOMAD, Ngurra, Warlu Song and the Love Punks videogame began in 2011, along with Campbell’s recruitment as Digital Media Co-Ordinator for the Yijala Yala Project with Big Hart, an Australian National art and social justice organisation. The project won awards including the ATOM Award, for ‘best game/multimedia production’ in 2013 and the Kirkus Reviews ‘best book app of 2013’.

Campbell moved on to develop the augmented reality comic Modern Polaxis in 2013. He has illustrated the graphic novel series The Gatecrashers and throughout 2015–2016 has developed the projects Exponius Museum,[5] The Ocean is Broken, Razorlegs and These Memories Won't Last.[6]




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