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This article is about the bassist. For other people with similar names, see Stuart West (disambiguation).

Stu West (born 24 December 1964, Lincolnshire, England) is the current bassist in the English punk band The Damned.[1] He joined in 2004, when the past bassist Patricia Morrison left the band due to pregnancy. She had a daughter, Emily, by her long-time partner and Damned vocalist, Dave Vanian. Morrison never rejoined the band.

West was actively involved in the thriving Peterborough, England punk scene of the 80's /90's. He was in the band's Uprising (Vocals. Released one very rare demo single), Monks Of Science (Bass. One LP re released as a special split CD with Default, Inspirations And Escalations, 1987-1992. Boss Tuneage Retro), Default (Bass. Demos & live tracks) and briefly punk & Heavy Metal crossover band English Dogs (featuring Gizz Butt and possibly, at the time, original drummer, and current Damned drummer, Pinch) In 2012 Butt reformed the Metal English Dogs along with Pinch. An album has been released and the band have toured. Pinch never left the Damned drum stool permanently but had a stand-in at a few shows.

Peterborough punk legends The Destructors (who once featured a 15 year old Gizz Butt on guitar) and their loyal fans once known as the "Destructors Death Squad"have kept the local scene alive for 35 years. Many of the fans have been involved with bands and vice versa. Guitarist/vocalist Gizz (now known as Graham) Butt has been involved with numerous punk/metal/crossover acts and is also a music tutor.

It's possible West joined the Damned either via his acquaintance with Pinch or his hobbies. He is a keen steam railway enthusiast and a real ale fan (He can often be seen at the annual Peterborough Beer Festival) Damned guitarist and punk royalty Captain Sensible is a massive fan of both.

Stu West currently lives in Stamford, England.


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