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Stuart is a traditionally masculine given name as well as a surname. It is the French form of the surname Stewart. The French form of the surname was brought to Scotland from France by Mary Stuart, in the 16th century.[1] The surname Stewart is an occupational name for the administrative official of an estate. The name is derived from the Middle English stiward, and Old English stigweard, stiweard. The Old English word is composed of the elements stig, meaning "house(hold)"; and weard, meaning "guardian". In pre-Conquest times, a steward was an officer who controlled the domestic affairs of a household, especially of a royal household. After the Conquest, the term was used as an equivalent of Seneschal, a steward of a manor or estate.[2]

A variant form of the given name and surname is Stewart. Pet forms of the given name are Stu, Stew and Stewie.[1]


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