Stuart Alan Jones

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Stuart Alan Jones
Queer as Folk character
First appearance "Episode 1"
(episode 1.01)
Last appearance "Episode 2"
(episode 2.02)
Created by Russell T Davies
Portrayed by Aidan Gillen
US counterpart Brian Kinney (Gale Harold)
Gender Male
Occupation Advertising
Family Clive Jones
Margaret Jones
Marie Threepwood
(older sister; estranged)
Ben and Thomas Threepwood
(nephews, via Marie; estranged)
Significant other(s) Vince Tyler
Children Alfred "Alfie" Sullivan
(biological son, with Romey)

Stuart Alan Jones is a fictional character from the Channel 4 drama series Queer as Folk, portrayed by Aidan Gillen. Working at an advertising agency in Manchester, Stuart spent a significant portion of his time in pubs or the night club Babylon on Canal Street. Enthusiastic at sex and once said he wants to "die shagging."[1] Although he is not a gay activist, Stuart always acts aggressively toward homophobes.

Stuart ranked at #48 in the's 2010 poll, Top 50 Gay Characters of All Time.[2] Gillen was nominated for Best Actor at the 1999 BAFTA TV Award for the role.[3]


Stuart comes from an Irish middle-class family.[4] He moved to Manchester with his family when he was a teenager.[5]


Stuart pursues one-night stands and didn't show any apparent interest in finding a regular partner throughout the show.

Vince Tyler[edit]

Stuart and Vince have been good friends since they were 14, and Vince seems to be the only friend he trusts. When they helped clean up the porno stash of Vince's friend, Phil, Stuart planned to give Vince a set of spare keys of his flat and hoped Vince would do the same for him if anything happened.[6]


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