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Stuart Carolan (Irish: Stuart Ó Cearbhalláin) is an Irish playwright from Navan who is based in Dublin.[1] He served as a Writer-in-Association in Dublin's Abbey Theatre in 2007.[2]

Carolan first came to public attention with his radio show on Today FM, where his character "Navan Man" became famous. In 2007, his work Defender of the Faith played Off Broadway, at the Irish Repertory Theatre.[3][4] The play moved to Glasgow, Scotland in 2009.In October 2014 Decadent Theatre Company (based in Galway, Ireland) did a national tour of the Republic of Ireland which lasted until the end of November of the same year.The director was Andrew Flynn,and the cast included Michael Ford Fitzgerald (leap year),Lalor Roddy (Hunger), Peter Gowan (love/hate), Anthony brophy (The tudors), Diarmuid de Faoite(corp agus anam) and David Martin (eamon).

Carolan studied History in Trinity College Dublin.[5]

He is also well known as the creator of the cult TV series Love/Hate. It is a cult crime drama series broadcast on RTÉ Television that premiered in 2010 on RTÉ One.[6] depicting fictional characters in Dublin's criminal underworld. He also wrote many of the series' episodes. In 2012, Carolan won the IFTA Award for "Best Writer: Television Drama" for the series he created. In 2013, he went on to win the IFTA Award for "Best Script Drama" for the same series.[7]


CurtainUp reviewer Elyse Sommer said about Defender of the Faith:

Stuart Carolan's Defender of the Faith has all the earmarks of a first play by a playwright with a promising future. Carolan's characters breathe fire. His story, like his characters and their relationships, transcends the play's period (the 1980s when the "Troubles" were at their zenith in Northern Ireland). But the plot sputters to a somewhat clunky ending. Still, there's enough emotional steam and dramatic tension to support its being tagged as a thriller and to send the viewer out of the theater imbued with the satisfying sense of having discovered a worthy new voice.[8]

  • 2006: Empress of India, Galway: Town Hall Theatre, Ireland,[9]



  • 2008: Little White Lie (TV film)
  • 2008: Raw (TV series - 1 episode)
  • 2010-2013: Love/Hate -- Creator of the series
    • Season 1 (2010) -- 4 episodes
    • Season 2 (2011) -- 3 episodes
    • Season 4 (2013) -- 2 episodes


  • 2003: The Dunphy Show (TV series)


  • 2005 George Devine Award
  • 2009: IFTA Award nomination, "Best Script for Television" for Little White Lie
  • 2012: IFTA Award Won, "Best Writer: Television Drama" for Love/Hate
  • 2013: IFTA Award Won, "Best Script Drama" for Love/Hate


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