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The Stuart Collection is a collection of public art on the campus of the University of California San Diego. Founded in 1981, the Stuart Collection's goal is to spread commissioned sculpture throughout the campus, including both traditional sculptures and integration with features of the campus such as landscaping and buildings. It is supported by the UCSD Department of Visual Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and many other organizations and individuals.

The collection was conceived by and named after its initial benefactor, James Stuart DeSilva.[1] Since its creation, it has been administered by Director Mary L. Beebe.[2] It contains eighteen works, with numerous others planned that have not or never will come to fruition.[3] The first work added to the collection was Niki de Saint Phalle's Sun God (statue), and the most recent addition is John Luther Adams's The Wind Garden.



Map of Stuart Collection pieces on UCSD west campus (hover over markers for details)

# Year Name Artist Location
1 1983 Sun God Niki de Saint Phalle Muir College near Faculty Club
2 1983 Two Running Violet V Forms Robert Irwin Eucalyptus grove behind Faculty Club
3 1984 La Jolla Project Richard Fleischner Revelle College near Theatre District
4 1986 Trees Terry Allen Eucalyptus grove near Geisel Library
5 1986 Something Pacific Nam June Paik Communication/Media Center building
6 1987 UNDA Ian Hamilton Finlay Marshall College north playing field
7 1988 Vices and Virtues Bruce Nauman Powell Structural Systems Laboratory
8 1988 La Jolla Vista View William Wegman La Jolla Playhouse Theatre District
9 1991 Terrace Jackie Ferrara Cellular and Molecular Medicine Facility
10 1991 Untitled Michael Asher Town Square, south of Price Center
11 1992 Green Table Jenny Holzer Muir College quad
12 1992 Snake Path Alexis Smith East of Geisel Library
13 1996 Red Shoe Elizabeth Murray Eucalyptus grove near Torrey Pines Road
14 1998 Standing Kiki Smith School of Medicine campus
15 2001 READ/WRITE/THINK/DREAM John Baldessari Geisel Library
16 2005 Bear Tim Hawkinson Jacobs School of Engineering courtyard
17 2008 Another Barbara Kruger Price Center East
18 2012 Fallen Star Do Ho Suh Jacobs School of Engineering
19 2017 The Wind Garden John Luther Adams La Jolla Playhouse Theatre District



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