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Stuart Evers in 2014

Stuart Evers was born in Macclesfield, Cheshire in 1976. His first book, Ten Stories About Smoking,[1][2][3] was published by Picador in 2011 and won The London Book Award. His short fiction has appeared in Prospect, The Best British Short Stories 2012, and 3:AM, and he regularly writes about books for The Guardian, The Independent, the New Statesman and Time Out. He at one point read with musical accompaniment from Fighting Kites.[4][5][6]

If This Is Home – his debut novel – was published by Picador in July 2012.[7][8]

In late 2015, Evers collaborated with the Indie band Daughter, using his three short stories, Dress, Windows, and 5,040, as basis for the music videos of songs "Doing the Right Thing", "Numbers", and "How" respectively.[9] These videos were released ahead of the English band's release of the their second album Not to Disappear in 2016. All three stories used in this collaboration included no dialogue in accordance with the inability of a music video to express dialogue.[10]


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