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Stuart Jones is a composer and musician from Birmingham, England. And one of the most popular recording artists on the label New World Music[1]

According to Allmusic, [2] Stuart Jones displayed an intense interest in music throughout his childhood years. Listening to classical music, Jazz, and pop gave Jones a broad base of musical influences, which he would draw on throughout the course of his career. That diverse palette is demonstrated in Jones' wide array of accomplishments, and his compositions for film and television can be heard on programs throughout the U.K.

Jones maintains a solid reputation as a dance music artist, regularly contributing to compilations and collections of Drum and Bass, House, and Trance music alongside artists such as DJ Luck and the Artful Dodger. It is Jones' work in new age music that has gained the most recognition. He began recording for the New World Music label in 1995 with his debut release, entitled Love Eternal. Specializing in music for relaxation and meditation, New World Music has a strong presence throughout the new age music world. Fusing new age music ideas with dance music styles, Jones became one of the label's best-selling artists with 1998's album Lifeforce.[3] His soft jazz release Late Into The Night[4] demonstrated his versatility and sensitivity, broadening his audience significantly. Subsequent releases such as Lazy Days (featuring vocalist Sarah Jane) and Pure Calm [5] have established Jones as one of the genre's most innovative and progressive voices. Stuart Jones maintains a healthy performance schedule on a variety of circuits, making appearances in symphony halls and dancehalls alike.

He composed a classical symphony Symphony in F, two stage musicals Shirt and Tie and Picture This Picture Life, and finally a modern ‘Concerto for acoustic speed funk pianos’.

Jones is also noted for his TV music with KPM and Stock, the most notable appearance of his music being on the soap Emmerdale.

Stuart Jones appears to work mainly as a solo artist but is well known on the video sharing site YouTube[6] with his piano-duelling duo Blister teaming up with musician Sniper, many of the videos being featured on NME


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