Stuart Langridge

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Stuart Langridge
Langridge at Yahoo! BBC Hackday 2007 at Alexandra Palace
Born (1976-01-30) January 30, 1976 (age 47)
Stuart Langridge in foreground as a panelist at @media ajax 2007 conference

Stuart Langridge (also known as 'Aq'[1] or 'Zippy'[2] ) is a podcaster, developer and author. He became a member of the Web Standards Project's DOM Scripting Task Force,[3] an invited expert on the W3C HTML Working Group and is an acknowledged commentator on W3C Document Object Model and JavaScript techniques.


Langridge is known as a presenter of the now defunct LugRadio, which was a free software podcast in the UK. Along with Jono Bacon, he was the longest-serving member of the team and often served to incite discussion about issues that more directly related to software freedom.[4] In LugRadio he frequently advocated freedom, yet despite this often attracted criticism for using proprietary software.[5]

Langridge was involved in the Shot of Jaq podcast, in collaboration with his former Lugradio co-host Jono Bacon. He's now a part of the Bad Voltage podcast, together with Jono Bacon and Jeremy Garcia (founder of Bryan Lunduke (founder of Jupiter Broadcasting) was also a founder member of the Bad Voltage podcast but has since moved on due to other commitments. The podcast first aired in October 2013.


He has worked on projects including Jokosher, a multi-track audio editor for GNOME, and Jackfield, a program to run Mac OS X Dashboard widgets under GNOME.[6]


In January 2009 Langridge joined Canonical as a developer and left the company in 2013 to work as a freelancer for Kryogenix's consulting.[7] At Canonical he worked on the Desktop Couch[8] for Ubuntu in his role as Canonical Ltd. staffer.


Langridge has written two books for technical publisher SitePoint, DHTML Utopia,[9] and Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache[10] (with Tony Steidler-Dennison) as well as writing the Stylish Scripting weblog[9] during 2005.


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