Stuart MacLeod (musician)

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Stuart MacLeod
Stuart MacLeod - Eskimo Joe.jpg
Background information
Birth name Stuart Leslie MacLeod
Born (1977-04-10) 10 April 1977 (age 40)
Genres Alternative Rock
Occupation(s) musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist
Years active 1995–present
Labels Modular
Rykodisc (US Label)
Associated acts Eskimo Joe

Stuart Leslie MacLeod (born 10 April 1977) is the guitarist and backup singer of the Australian band, Eskimo Joe. He lives in South Fremantle, Western Australia. When he was seven he lived next door to Kavyen Temperley and they have been best friends for years.[1] MacLeod and Temperley attended John Curtin Senior High School together.[1] MacLeod then went on to study Engineering and Commerce at the University of Western Australia. In 1997 MacLeod started jamming with Temperley, who was in a band, Freud's Pillow. MacLeod co-wrote several Freud's Pillow's songs.[1] The pair decided to form a new band and auditioned a few drummers before settling on Joel Quartermain, who was a guitarist in Freud's Pillow, but had mentioned he also played drums. MacLeod and Temperley decided Quartermain was more musical than any other drummer they had auditioned.[2] They then entered the band, Eskimo Joe, into the Australian National Campus Band Competition. The first heat in August 1997 was Eskimo Joe's first performance,[1] they went on to win the state final and then the national competition, the reward being a chance to play at the Livid Festival together with a recording session in Sydney.

MacLeod announced his engagement to his fiancée Gen at the 2005 ARIA Awards[3] and they were married in December 2006, as from April 2009 they have two children.[4]


Stuart uses various Fender Telecaster guitars, a black Yamaha AES1500B guitar and has used Fender, Vox, and now currently uses Hiwatt and Badcat amplifers.

Current Effects Pedals[edit]

  • Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
  • Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer (Analog.Man modified)
  • Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer
  • Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler
  • Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb
  • Cooper Philosopher Awesomeness pedal (series IV with Gumby mod)


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