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Stuart Marc "Stu" Starky (born March 13, 1957) is a United States politician from Arizona, who ran unsuccessfully as a Democratic nominee for the State Senate, United States House of Representatives and United States Senate.

He was born and raised in New York City. Before he moved to Arizona, he had a successful career in sales and marketing. Starky is a graduate of Philadelphia University (accounting) and has a Masters in Education from the University of Phoenix and a second master's degree from Grand Canyon University in Administration.

In Arizona, he became a teacher and currently teaches 8th grade social studies at C.O. Greenfield School for The Roosevelt School District Located in Phoenix. In 2011 Stuart became the school's principal. His political career began in 1996, when he sought Democratic nomination for Arizona's 4th congressional district as a write-in, winning only 0.40% in primary. Two years later, however, he was nominated by Democrats for the 4th district, losing soundly to the Republican incumbent Bob Stump. He also unsuccessfully sought a seat in the state Senate, winning the primary again, but losing the general election. In 2005, he considered running for Arizona Democratic State Party Chairman, but at the last minute, decided not to, allowing Jim Pederson to win. Since then, his name has come up a few times to run for chair, but he has decided against the possibility.

He is, perhaps, best known as Democratic nominee for the United States Senate in 2004 against longtime Republican incumbent John McCain. According to many Starky was never considered a threat to McCain, who is one of the best known and powerful United States Senators.[1] Starky was even called by The Arizona Republic a sacrificial lamb,[2] put on the ballot because there were no chances to beat McCain. During his campaign, he debated McCain twice, once in Tucson and once in Flagstaff. He was also featured on the cover of Teacher Magazine, dubbed the "Unsinkable Stu Starky."[3]

In 2006, Starky endorsed Mike Caccioppoli for Caccioppoli's unsuccessful run for US Congress in Arizona's first Congressional District. Starky is married and has two children and currently lives in Phoenix.

Electoral history[edit]

Arizona's 4th congressional district, 1996 (Democratic primary):[4]

Arizona's 3rd congressional district, 1998 (Democratic primary)[5]

  • Stuart Starky - 16,580 (100.00%)

Arizona's 3rd congressional district, 1998:[6]

  • Bob Stump (R) (inc.) - 137,618 (67.25%)
  • Stuart Starky (D) - 66,979 (32.73%)
  • Ben Janowski (D, write-in) - 26 (0.01%)

Arizona Senate 11th district, 2002 (Democratic primary)[7]

  • Stuart Starky - 5,638 (100.00%)

Arizona Senate 11th district, 2002[8]

  • Barbara Leff (R) - 35,403 (64.27%)
  • Stuart Starky (D) - 19,683 (35.73%)

United States Senate election in Arizona, 2004 (Democratic primary)[9]

  • Stuart Starky - 173,540 (100.00%)

Arizona United States Senate election, 2004:[10]

  • John McCain (R) (inc.) - 1,505,372 (76.74%)
  • Stuart Starky (D) - 404,507 (20.62%)
  • Ernest Hanock (Libertarian) - 51,798 (2.64%)