Stubenberg Castle

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Stubenberg Castle
Castelul Stubenberg
Sacueni BH Stubenberg Palace.JPG
Front view of the castle and its garden
Type Castle
Site information
Owner Romanian State
Condition Currently being renovated

The Stubenberg Castle is a historical monument in Săcueni, Bihor, Romania. Construction of the castle began in the late 18th century and was finalized by the beginning of the 19h century. [1]

The castle originally belonged to the Habsburg Royal House, who offered it to J. Dietrichstein, counselor to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1830 it was sold to the Stubenberg family. [2]

Presently it belongs to the Romanian State. It used to function as the "Petõfi Sándor" Highschool until 2008. [3]

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