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This article is about the region on the island of Rügen. For the ship named after it, see Stubnitz (ship).
Beeches in the Stubnitz
The extremely thin layer of surface vegetation is especially visible on the edge of the cliff top

The Stubnitz is a hilly, forested landscape region on the east coast of the Jasmund peninsula on the German Baltic Sea island of Rügen. It covers an area of about 2,400 ha and runs from the town of Sassnitz to the municipality of Lohme, Today, it is almost entirely part of the 3,000 ha Jasmund National Park. The name Stubnitz is probably of Slavic origin; but the literature gives a wide variety of meanings – from Stufenland ("stepped landscape") to Waldung mit Bienenkellern ("woods with beehives").


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Coordinates: 54°33′N 13°38′E / 54.550°N 13.633°E / 54.550; 13.633