Stuck (2002 film)

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Directed by Lindsay Bourne
Produced by Lily Hui
Written by Lindsay Bourne
Starring Amanda Tapping
JR Bourne
Fred Henderson
Courtney Kramer
Music by J. Douglass Dodd
Release date
January 10, 2002
Running time
96 minutes


budget =Can$15,000 (Estimated)

Stuck is a 2002 Canadian feature-length video drama film written and directed by Lindsay Bourne. It features Amanda Tapping as Liz, JR Bourne as Bernie, Fred Henderson as Gordon, and Courtney Kramer as Cindy.


When four people from very different backgrounds find themselves stuck in an elevator, they find themselves confronting each other and themselves. Will they emerge with their views on the world, others and themselves changed or will the stay stuck in what they believe and in their prejudices?


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