Stuck on You! (1983 film)

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Stuck on You!
DVD cover
Directed byMichael Herz
Lloyd Kaufman
Produced byMichael Herz
Lloyd Kaufman
Stuart Strutin
Written byJeffrey Delman
Tony Gittleson
Michael Herz
Lloyd Kaufman
Darren Kloomok
Warren Leight
Duffy Caesar Magesis
Melanie Mintz
Don Perman
Stuart Strutin
StarringIrwin Corey
Virginia Penta
Mark Mikulski
Albert Pia
Norma Pratt
CinematographyLloyd Kaufman
Edited byRichard W. Haines
Darren Kloomok
Ralph Rosenblum
Distributed byTroma Entertainment
Release date
  • 1982 (1982)
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited States

Stuck on You! is a 1982 American comedy film directed by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz of Troma Entertainment and starring Irwin Corey, Virginia Penta, Mark Mikulski, Albert Pia, and Norma Pratt.[1]

Stuck on You! was the third in a series of four "sexy comedies" that helped establish Troma, beginning with 1979's Squeeze Play!, 1981's Waitress!, and followed by 1983's The First Turn-On![1]

Lloyd Kaufman has stated that Stuck on You! is his favorite of Troma's "sexy comedies".

The tagline of the film is "It's Boys, It's Girls, It's Crazy...It's A Stuckin' Good Time!!!"


The film, supposedly inspired by the writings of Tom Lehrer and Stan Freberg, follows estranged couple Bill and Carol, who are in a palimony suit against each other. The zany Judge Gabriel (played by Professor Irwin Corey) is handling their suit. As Bill and Carol relate their problems to Gabriel, he demonstrates how all lovers from the beginning of time, including Adam and Eve, Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus, and King Arthur and Lady Guinevere have all faced their exact same troubles. The judge is finally revealed to be the angel Gabriel, sent down in hopes of bringing the couple back together.


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