The Stud Stable

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The Stud Stable
Members Robert Fuller
Jimmy Golden
Name(s) The Stud Stable
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Promotions SCW / CCW / CWF

The Stud Stable was a professional wrestling heel stable in World Championship Wrestling, Southeast Championship Wrestling and the Continental Wrestling Association.


Southeastern Championship Wrestling (1982–1986)[edit]

The Stud Stable was first formed by "The Original Tennessee Stud" Ron Fuller in Southeastern Championship Wrestling in 1982. His version included Fuller's cousin Jimmy Golden, a young Arn Anderson and the masked Lord Humongous (not Sid Vicious, but the original Lord Humongous). They feuded with "Mr. Olympia" Jerry Stubbs, Austin Idol and Bob Armstrong, as well as Armstrong's sons, Brad, Scott and Steve.

Continental Wrestling Association (1986–1990)[edit]

The next version was created by Ron's brother Robert Fuller in 1986.[1] Between 1986 and 1989 in the Continental Wrestling Association, members included Fuller, Golden, Dutch Mantel, Wendell Cooley, Detroit Demolition, Tom Prichard, The Flame, Cactus Jack,[2] Brian Lee and Gary Young. They feuded with the Armstrong family, Cooley and The Nightmares in Continental, and with Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett in Memphis.

Smoky Mountain Wrestling (1991–1993)[edit]

In 1991, another version of The Stud Stable was formed in Smoky Mountain Wrestling that contained Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden, and Dutch Mantel. The Stud Stable feuded with The Rock 'n' Roll Express and the Heavenly Bodies. They started out as pure heels, but became 'tweeners, feuding with both heels and babyfaces. The group disbanded when Robert Fuller went to WCW to become a manager in 1993.

World Championship Wrestling (1994–1996)[edit]

The final version was created in World Championship Wrestling when Robert Fuller was known as "Col. Rob Parker." He formed the stable in 1994 with Arn Anderson, Terry Funk, Golden as Bunkhouse Buck, and Meng, who was Parker's bodyguard.[3]

This stable feuded heavily with Dusty and Dustin Rhodes until late 1994 when Funk left and was replaced by Dick Slater. They have also feuded with Brian Pillman.[3] The Blacktop Bully was also briefly a member. In August 1995, Meng left (eventually to join the Dungeon of Doom) and Anderson went to rejoin Ric Flair and eventually reform The Four Horsemen. The Stud Stable feuded with Harlem Heat over the WCW World Tag Team Championship in which Buck and Slater won. They were also feuding because of a love/hate relationship between Parker and the Heat's manager, Sister Sherri. Parker eventually dumped Slater and Buck for Martel and the Stud Stable was finished.

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