Studen Kladenets

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Studen Kladenets
Stenata na yazovir Studen kladenec.JPG
Studen Kladenets Dam
Coordinates 41°38′28″N 25°32′48″E / 41.64111°N 25.54667°E / 41.64111; 25.54667Coordinates: 41°38′28″N 25°32′48″E / 41.64111°N 25.54667°E / 41.64111; 25.54667
Lake type reservoir
Primary inflows Arda, Varbitsa River
Primary outflows Arda
Catchment area 3707 km²
Basin countries Bulgaria
Max. length 29 km
Max. width 1.5 km
Surface area 27.8 km²
Max. depth 60 m <from dam height>
Water volume 489,000,000 m3 (1.73×1010 cu ft)
Surface elevation 227 m

The Studen Kladenets Reservoir (язовир „Студен кладенец“) is the third largest reservoir by volume in Bulgaria after Iskar Dam and Kardzhali Dam. It is situated on the river Arda, and is created behind the Studen Kladenets dam, 30 km south-east of the town of Kardzhali. There are another two dams of the Arda - Kardzhali Dam to the west (upstream) and Ivaylovgrad Dam to the east (downstream).

The reservoir has a total volume of 489 million m3 and a drainage basin of 3,706 km² and is 29 km long. It is situated at an average 227 m above sea level, its dam being 338 m long and 67.5 m high. The top of the dam consists of nine spillways, each one being 10.5 by 5 m. "Studen Kladenets" Hydroelectric Power Plant is situated appr. 1 km downstream of the dam. The HPP has four Francis-type turbines, 15 MW each. There is undergoing project for reconstruction and upgrading the HPP with another 16 MW turbine and a smaller eco-turbine and after the completion of the project the total output will reach 85 MW with annual production of 165 GWh of electricity.

Studen Kladenets reservoir is an attractive place for fishermen, where rudd is caught in great numbers. "Studen Kladenets" stands for "a cold well" is Bulgarian .


The initial plans for the construction of a dam on the Arda date to as early as 1948. Construction began in 1955 and was completed in 1957. The HPP started electricity production in 1958.

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