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Student Advisory Council to the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
USG logo SAC.jpg
Creating a More Educated Georgia
Abbreviation SAC
Formation 1968
Type Advisory Board
Purpose To advise the Board of Regents and Chancellor
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia
Region served
35 Student Government Presidents
Erroll B. Davis Jr.
Parent organization
Georgia Board of Regents

The Student Advisory Council to the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia is composed of the Student Government Presidents of the 35 public colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia (USG), organized to advise the Board of Regents, through the Chancellor, on issues that are important to students.


Representatives on the Student Advisory Council are required to be current and active students within the university system. Each president of the 35 student governments are automatically appointed as representatives upon their election at their institution, yet may assign another current member of their respective association to represent their institution on their behalf. The list of current Representatives on the Student Advisory Council can be found on the Student Advisory Council's website.

The most recent list of current Representatives for the Spring 2010 semester can also be found below.[1]

USG Institution SGA Executive (Spring 2010)[2] SGA website
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Kati Andrews [1]
Albany State University Jazzmin V. Randall [2]
Armstrong Atlantic State University Tamer Amer [3]
Atlanta Metropolitan College Jasmine Worthen
Augusta State University Maritess Banez [4]
Bainbridge College Patricia Williams [5]
Clayton State University Darius Thomas [6]
College of Coastal Georgia Jacent â Barbaraâ Nakigudde
Columbus State University David Owens [7]
Dalton State College Daniel Sanchez [8]
Darton State College Jesse Jaime
East Georgia College Ashlee Youmans
Fort Valley State University Jared Tolbert [9]
Gainesville State College -Oconee Leila Dycus
Gainesville State College Andrew Wilkinson [10]
Georgia College & State University Evan Karanovich [11]
Georgia Gwinnett College Jay Patel
Georgia Highlands College Mary Roberts
Georgia Institute of Technology Alina Staskevicius [12]
Georgia Perimeter College -Clarkston Courtney Epperson
Georgia Perimeter College -Decatur Danielle Evans
Georgia Perimeter College -Newton Nathan Bradley
Georgia Perimeter College -Dunwoody Justin McPhatter
Georgia Southern University Samantha Young [13]
Georgia Southwestern State University Andrew Robinson [14]
Georgia State University Greg Abt [15]
Gordon College Kenyatta Hines
Kennesaw State University Daniel Street
Macon State College Cathy Miller
Medical College of Georgia Dawnyetta Marable
Middle Georgia College -Cochran Ben Mullis
Middle Georgia College -Eastman Nate Gunn
Middle Georgia College -Dublin Will Baxter
North Georgia College & State University Martin Erbele
Savannah State University Errol Hooper
Southern Polytechnic State University Andrew Coen
South Georgia College Chelsea Mitchell
University of Georgia Katie Barlow
University of West Georgia Alan Webster
Valdosta State University Kelli Cody
Waycross College Tonya Lowmon


On March 13, 1968, Chancellor George L. Simpson, Jr. recommended that the Board of Regents establish a University System Student Advisory Council. This council was to be composed of all the student body presidents within the University System.

The Board of Regents felt that the format of the Student Advisory Council would further enhance the student government organizations while creating responsible student leadership in the University System and so authorized its establishment.

Georgia constitution mandate[edit]

  • Provide a forum for communication and recommendation between the students of the University System of Georgia and the Chancellor of the System, the Board of Regents, the state government, the news media, and the public concerning problems and issues which are important to the students of the University System of Georgia.
  • Promote better student government at institutions of the University System through the dissemination of information between and the provision of assistance to member institutions regarding problems and activities. The primary internal function of the Student Advisory Council shall be to discuss issues of direct concern to the student body of the University System of Georgia within those forums established for that purpose.


The Student Advisory Council meets one or two times per semester to present committee progress and to openly discuss ongoing and new issues. Presentations are also performed to SAC by USG personnel on such matters as Legislative updates, the USG Strategic Plan, and other changes that effect the student population in the University System. Other guests and participants include the Chancellor, Regents, the "host" institution's President, and faculty/staff from the various institutions. For each meeting, the student body presidents (SAC representatives) convene at different colleges/universities throughout the state. The "host" institution is predetermined, and is featured at the specific meeting as a means to diversify awareness of the different institutions within the University System.


The student body presidents are assigned to committees on various relevant topics pertaining to students in the University System. Such topics are:[3]

  • An effort to create and mature the overall education of current students and to set goals to increase the graduation rates for each institution.
  • An effort to define new means of available financial aid for students, and to repair any flaws with current means.
  • An effort to clearly outline paths for students to transfer into different institutions.
  • An effort to move the operations of each institution towards a "greener" campus.
  • An effort to inform the students in the USG as a whole on SAC progress, and to create a common communication outlet for the SAC members.
  • An effort to change the State's constitution to establish a student on the Board of Regents with full voting rights.

See also[edit]


  • USG SAC Website
  • Moss, Kevin; interview, April 19, 2008; former member of SAC.