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The Student Broadcast Network or SBN was a company who provided a sustaining service, news and advertising for Student Radio stations in the United Kingdom.

It provided syndicated music based programmes and an hourly news service across the UK via satellite. Stations received money in return for broadcasting SBN's content and advertising. In 2004 SBN was closed by its parent company Campus Media, leaving many student stations with large gaps in their budgets.[1]

Subscriber Stations[edit]

Presenters: Who did what?[edit]

  • Breakfast - Alison Hulme, Benedict Smith, Neil Grayson, Phil Smith, Duncan Wilson.
  • Weekend Breakfast - Antman (Ant McGinley), Annie Macmanus, Edward Adoo, Emma Scrafton.
  • Afternoons - Steve Harris, Mark Manchester, Samanthi.
  • Weekend Afternoons - Jim Coulson.
  • Late Show - Craig Pilling, Duncan Wilson.
  • The Presence - P (Pinal Gandhi).
  • News - Steve Austins, John Handelaar, Soraya Moeng, Jenny Monaghan, Tim Metcalfe.
  • Student Radio Chart Show - Keni Barwick, Mark Manchester, Neil Grayson, Duncan Wilson.

Presenters: Where are they now?[edit]


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