Student Gamecock Television (SGTV)

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Student Gamecock Television (SGTV)
Type Broadcast television network
Online streaming
Branding SGTV
Country United States
Founded as Student Government Television in 2006
Slogan By students. For students.
Headquarters 1400 Greene Street
Russell House University Union
Room 330
Columbia, SC 29208
Owner Student Government at University of South Carolina (2006 (2006)–2007 (2007))
Student Media at University of South Carolina (2007 (2007)–present)
Key people
Sarah Scarborough, Director of Student Media
Britt Hogg, Faculty Advisor
Mills Hayes, Station Manager (2017)
Picture format
Broadcast in SD; On-demand online in 1080p (HDTV)
Callsigns SGTV
Callsign meaning
Student Gamecock TeleVision
Affiliation Daily Gamecock, Garnet and Black Magazine, WUSC-FM
Official website

Student Gamecock Television (SGTV) (formerly Student Government Television) is the campus television station of the University of South Carolina and is 100 percent student-run. It primarily serves the main campus of the university in Columbia, South Carolina.


USC established its first television station in Fall 2006 as Student Government Television (SGTV). It was funded by Student Government until April 2007 when Student Government released SGTV to the Department of Student Media, which also operates The Daily Gamecock, Garnet & Black Magazine and WUSC-FM. It was then that the station changed its name to its current name, Student Gamecock Television (SGTV).

SGTV Productions[edit]

SGTV Productions was created in Fall 2012. SGTV had already done work for clients before, but there was no emphasis on creating videos outside of show production. SGTV Productions was created with a mindset of serving as a place for staff members to learn to work with clients while becoming a center for video production for the university and student organizations.

SGTV Live[edit]

SGTV began looking into streaming online in Spring 2012 and began working with WUSC's "Pauly C and Awoww Show" and Student Government's Student Senate. The station continued to explore these options in Fall 2012 with a new show called "XTOX" (see below). During this time, the station began streaming its on-campus channel live and offering streaming services through SGTV Productions to outside clients. SGTV News 4 (see below) began a live newscast in Spring 2013 called "Friday Morning Live" (FML), which later moved to Mondays and received a new name, "Monday Night Mashup" (MNM). Highscore Headquarters (see below) started streaming their events on Twitch in Fall 2014 with their series "HQ Predicts" and have weekly streams of other video games. Carolina Tonight is the current live sketch show on SGTV and is broadcast on the SGTV YouTube channel. Capital City Sports broadcasts club sports on campus.


SGTV currently has various programs being produced and starting up every season. Currently on the station there is Capital City Sports, Highscore Headquarters, SGTV News 4, SGTV Podcast, Talk of the Town, 1080C Productions, and Carolina Tonight. Scripted shows are also produced, such as "Hi, Teresa," which ran Fall 2013-Fall 2014, and "Maymester," which ran in Fall 2015. "84 Days" is in the current series, with the first season already out and season 2 premiering in Spring 2016. The station also continuously plays relevant SGTV Classics which consists of programming from shows no longer being produced.

Capital City Sports[edit]

Capital City Sports (CCS) is SGTV’s award-nominated weekly sports show. CCS covers all things Gamecock sports, producing highlights, packages, and feature stories every week. CCS began broadcasting club sports on campus in the Fall of 2015, starting with Cock Hockey and branded themselves as the Capital City Sports Network (CCSN). Since then, the CCSN has travelled to two SECHC Tournaments and has branched into other sports, such as lacrosse and baseball. The CCSN was created by John Dowdy, Nic Jones, Brian Principe, and Brett Williams. Spurs Up is the reincarnation of 1 Up 1 Down, created by Ben Parsons and De'Angelo Stevenson. Ben and De'Angelo talk college and professional sports and bring on a guest host to talk about their topic of choice.

CCS’s current executive producers are Kayla Pace and Ben Parsons. De'Angelo Stevenson is in charge of Spurs Up.

Highscore Headquarters[edit]

Highscore Headquarters began as a segment on Talk of the Town before becoming a standalone show, created by Ryan Brower and Khadijah Dennis. HSHQ produces several video game programs including Let's Plays, a Weekly Video Game news show called "Roundup!", weekly streams on Twitch and does Podcasting as well. They are on Twitch at And on Soundcloud at

Highscore Headquarters current producer is James Meetze.

SGTV News 4[edit]

SGTV News 4 works in partnership with The Daily Gamecock providing multimedia coverage throughout the week for the paper’s content. The coverage is released in individual segments nightly as stories are picked up and covered. News 4 began a weekly live broadcast in Spring 2013 entitled Friday Morning Live, or FML. Later, the program moved to Monday's and became "Monday Night Mashup." Weekend Preview is a casual show that details events on and around campus for the coming weekend.

News is directed by Katie Freeman. Monday Night Mashup is produced by Emma Mondo. Weekend Preview is produced by Elena Barilla.

SGTV Podcast[edit]

The SGTV Podcast was started by Luke Baker and has several variants, namely the "Conversations" where Luke and guests talk about whatever comes to mind. "Tales of No Sleep" is a scary story podcast where various members of SGTV will read stories from the No Sleep subreddit. Finally, "Interview Sessions" is a series where Luke interviews various faculty members and other significant figures of SGTV.

Talk of the Town[edit]

Talk of the Town covers campus entertainment news. The show includes popular segments like “The Buzz,” “Cocky's Code” and “Hammered With Questions.” The show also covers musicians on campus, movies, and student fashion.

Talk of the Town is currently produced by Vania Ibanez and Anna-Grace Galloway.

1080C Productions[edit]

1080C produces short films, ranging from comedy to drama and everything in between. They are written, filmed, and produced by students.

1080C is produced by Scott Varn and Ethan Ravens.

Carolina Tonight[edit]

Carolina Tonight is a completely student produced, live televised variety show consisting od scripted comedy sketches, live musical performances and digital shorts. The show is partnered with Carolina Productions to bring a live audience consisting of USC students.

Carolina Tonight is produced by Daniella DeRobbio and Andre Mace.

SGTV Classics[edit]

SGTV Classics are no longer produced but can still be seen occasionally on the channel. Classics include:

1 Up 1 Down[edit]

1 Up 1 Down featured Courtney Sergeant, Ben Salton, and Derek Phillips as they discussed and analyzed national sports.

84 Days[edit]

84 Days is a scripted drama that tells the story of a college freshman who only has 84 days left to live once he starts school. He teaches people to live life to the fullest throughout his day-to-day activities. The series ran from Fall 2015-Spring 2016.

Series was originally produced by Corey Drennon and Jackson Tracy, later produced by Holly Ciampaglio and Bryan Vacchio.

Chicken & Toast[edit]

Chicken & Toast was an improv comedy show in partnership with TOAST Improv Troupe filmed in McMaster Studios USC and was hosted by Drew Zolides.

Hi, Teresa[edit]

Hi, Teresa was SGTV's first scripted drama about a small group of college students that discover how awkward and weird people are. Created and directed by Sara Adkins.


Maymester was a scripted comedy mini-series that ran in Fall 2015. It tells the story of a college student that has to take an art class to graduate and go on to medical school. Written and directed by Ryan Brower.


S.P.A.M (Student Produced Alternative Media), produced by Joshua Burrak, featured the alternative video work of USC students.

Sketchy As Hell[edit]

Sketchy As Hell produced sketches with parody and hidden cameras in an effort to make the whole campus laugh their tails off. Andrew Stamm produced the show with the name of Big Brown Mess.


Skitzophrenia was produced by Joey Thompson, Fabio Frey and Dinobrite Productions. Their videos won awards and were featured on Tosh.O. Dinobrite Productions now produces videos separate of SGTV.

Sunday Night Alive[edit]

Sunday Night Alive was a live comedy skit show that took place in the Russell House Ballroom.

Talk on the Rocks[edit]

Talk on the Rocks was a light-hearted talk show that was filmed in Social Bar and Lounge in the Vista. Daniel Boan and his guests have a drink (or perhaps a juice box if they are not of age) and discuss everything from pop culture to the recent happenings at USC.

Tipsy Trivia[edit]

Tipsy Trivia was a popular trivia show in which costumed hosts Laura “Boss” Kuhen and Krista Bagley asked tipsy contestants in Five Points themed trivia questions. The show drew a lot of attention and Laura and Krista hope to one day do the show for TV.

Tonight with Keith Cutright[edit]

Tonight with Keith Cutright featured Keith Cutright as he interviewd guests, talked with students on campus, and featured live performances from musical guests.


USC-Span was a weekly preview of student senate and its bills and discussions for the week released Wednesday morning. It also included a live stream of student senate every Wednesday evening at 5:30.


XTOX was a live video game talk show originally started and hosted by Paul Critzman III and Sam Snelgrove in Fall 2012 as the first live production at SGTV. It was a combination of video game reviews and guest interviews at the same time. The show continues in a different light as Highscore Headquarters.

Your Show[edit]

Your Show is an SGTV production that focuses on the original and creative video works of students at the University of South Carolina. The show aims to reflect the originality of the student body at USC by accepting outside submissions of work and compiling them into a cohesive unit. Your Show is all about the students at USC.

Awards and Honors (by academic school year)[edit]


Skitzophrenia's "Best of Skitzophrenia" was named a finalist for Best Comedy in College Broadcasters Inc.'s (CBI) National Student Production Awards.


Skitzophrenia's "The Baja Men Visit Rome" was named a finalist for Best Comedy in College Broadcasters Inc.'s (CBI) National Student Production Awards.


Capital City Sports' "Capital City Sports 4/12/12" was named a finalist for Best Sportscast in College Broadcasters Inc.'s (CBI) National Student Production Awards.

SGTV News 4's "Trustus Theatre: Jim and Kay Thigpen's Final Season" was named a finalist for Best News Reporting in College Broadcasters Inc.'s (CBI) National Student Production Awards.

SGTV Productions' "Daily Gamecock PSA" was named a finalist for Best PSA in College Broadcasters Inc.'s (CBI) National Student Production Awards.


SGTV News 4 worked with The Daily Gamecock and won first and second place at the South Carolina Press Association's 2013 collegiate awards for Multimedia Story. First place went to coverage of College GameDay in Columbia and second place went to coverage of USC's annual carol lighting ceremony. Scene Sounds was named a finalist for Best General Entertainment Program in CBI. SGTV Productions' "Capstone Scholars: A Look Back" won Best Vodcast in CBI.


1080C Productions' "Lord of the Floors" was named a finalist for Best Vodcast in College Broadcasters Inc.'s (CBI) National Student Production Awards.


1080C Productions' "South Carolina State Fair - Sights & Sounds" won a Student Silver Addy Award from the American Advertising Federation of the Midlands. 1080C Productions' "Apprehension" was named a finalist and 2nd place for Best Vodcast in CBI. SGTV Productions' "Mental Health Matters at UofSC" was named a 3rd place Best Vodcast in CBI. SGTV was named 3rd place best social media presence by CBI. SGTV was given an honorable mention in College Media Association's Four-Year TV Station of the Year. SGTV was awarded 2nd place for Best Self-Promotion Video Ad by College Media Business and Advertising Managers (CMBAM).

Executive Staff[edit]

The current executive staff advising the station manager includes assistant station manager, news director, social media coordinator, marketing director, training coordinator, and show producers.


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