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The Student Intellectual Property Law Association (SIPLA) is a voluntary association for law students who share an interest in intellectual property. SIPLA chapters can typically be found at law schools that provide intellectual property curriculum. Although there is no national SIPLA body, either self endowed or sponsored by a national association, independent student chapters have materialized due to the need to organize intellectual property related events and provide networking and learning opportunities to students.

Typical SIPLA objectives[edit]

  • Promote intellectual property issues across the student body, to those of the state bar, and beyond;
  • Bring together many facets of intellectual property, including Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights;
  • Provide a forum which promotes an open dialogue of current issues in intellectual property and exposes how these issues will affect the practice of intellectual property law in the future; and
  • Promote rapport between students and professionals in the intellectual property field.

Recent SIPLA events[edit]

Every year, SIPLA organizes networking and speaking events featuring influential I.P. professionals. See the below links for the specific activities of each chapter.


Logos for the Student Intellectual Property Law Association have been placed in the public domain under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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