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The Logo

The Student Movement of Liberation is a student based movement founded in Indonesia. It seeks to spread the Islamic Ideology through student networking. Their primary message is that Islam is the only solution for every problem of mankind. This network is then called Student Movement of Liberation (in Indonesian: Gerakan Mahasiswa Pembebasan or Gema Pembebasan).


GEMA Pembebasan is an Islamic radical movement that was officially established on February 28, 2004 at Japan Study Centre, University of Indonesia. Their actions are basically to implement their version of Islamic governance system towards Indonesia. Once established, this organization continued to spread in many campuses in Indonesia.

Vision, Missions and Goal[edit]

Vision : To make Islamic Ideology as a mainstream opinion of student movements in Indonesia.


  • To develop Islamic opinions in order to build political awareness that has a power to liberate Islam from all detrimental factor.
  • To build a network of students in all campus in Indonesia who adopt Islamic ideology.
  • To develop a supporting system for the transformation of Islamic ideology to every Muslim student movements.
  • To recruit cadre for Islamic student movements who adopts Islam as an Ideology and who have the ability to develop the Islamic opinions.

Goal: To build opinions based on Islamic ideology among students and student movements in Indonesia.

Current Proved Actions

  • To remove current legal constitutions in Indonesia, i.e. Sumpah Pemuda.
  • To change the democracy system in Indonesia into their version of Islamic governance.


As an ideological movement, this organization has many activities, including:

  • Publishing articles, bulletins and any kind of opinions based on Islamic view.
  • Holding events like seminars, discussions and talkshows.
  • Holding trainings and recruitments of students.
  • Holding mutual events with other Muslim student movements.
  • Holding peace and sympathetic demonstration in response to socio-political situations.